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out of condition

Not in good physical health; not especially strong, healthy, or fit. I've gotten pretty out of condition from working behind this desk for 10 years. I'd like to run a marathon this autumn, but I'm a little out of condition.
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mint condition

The state of an object that is in perfect condition, as if it has never been touched or otherwise used. The phrase originally referred to coins that were never put into circulation and thus remained in the same pristine condition as when they were produced at the mint. There's no way I'm selling my mint condition Babe Ruth rookie card—I don't care how much money it would get, it's one of my most prized possessions!
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be in mint condition

To be in pristine condition with no evidence of use or wear. My brother made a lot of money selling vintage baseball cards that were in mint condition. My family goes to the auto show every year because we all love seeing classic cars that are in mint condition.
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condition (someone or something) to (something)

1. To train someone or an animal to do something in a particular way or to act in a certain way. Years of office work have conditioned me to get up at 6 AM, even on the weekends. The dog has been conditioned to run to his bowl when I open the cabinet where we store his food.
2. To acclimate someone or an animal to something. It will take time to condition ourselves to the pace of life in our sleepy new town. How long will it take to condition the dog to our commands?
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under certain circumstances

In certain situations. I let my kids sleep with me in my bedroom under certain circumstance, like if they've had a nightmare.

in mint condition

In pristine condition, with no evidence of use or wear. It is so rare to see this model car in mint condition like this—you've really done an outstanding job of taking care of it throughout the years. My brother made a lot of money selling vintage baseball cards that were in mint condition.
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on condition (that)

Only with the restriction that (something be the case). The company agreed to the sale, on condition that all their staff be absorbed by the larger company, with no forced layoffs. We won't kick you out of the house on condition you get treatment for your addiction. He was released from prison on condition of house arrest.
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in an interesting condition

euphemism Pregnant. A: "Is it true that Stan's daughter is in an interesting condition?" B: "Yes, she's due at the end of the summer."

in (good) condition

1. In good, robust health; strong or fit. Boy, I really need to get in condition. Ten years working behind a desk have given me quite a belly! Wow, Jim is really in good condition lately.
2. Prepared. No, the manuscript isn't in good condition for review yet—I still have a few sections to edit.
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send into (something or some place)

1. To submit or dispatch someone or something into some place (for something). You'll have to send this into the head office for approval. They sent me into the building to retrieve the files.
2. To instruct or direct someone to become involved in some situation. We're sending out top lawyers into the negotiations to make sure we get the best deal possible. Congress approved sending more troops into the conflict.
3. To instruct or direct someone to become involved in some situation. We're sending out top lawyers into the negotiations to make sure we get the best deal possible. Congress approved sending more troops into the conflict.
4. To cause one to undergo some physical, mental, or emotional state or condition. The committee's decision sent Sarah into a rage. The impact seems to have sent the poor man into a coma. The arrival of the pop star sent his fans into a tizzy.
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condition someone or something to something

1. to train or adapt someone or an animal to do something. I conditioned the dog to beg for a treat. Over the years, he had conditioned himself to run for hours at a stretch.
2. to train or adapt someone or an animal to something. We could never condition the cat to the finer points of domestication. I conditioned myself to the extreme cold.
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in a delicate condition

Euph. pregnant. (Old fashioned.) Are you sure you're up for this hike? I know you're in a delicate condition. She shouldn't be lifting those boxes. She's in a delicate condition.
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*in an interesting condition

Euph. pregnant. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Young Mrs. Lutin is in an interesting condition. The bride appeared to be in an interesting condition.

in condition

 and in(to) shape
in good health; strong and healthy; fit. Bob exercises frequently, so he's in condition. If I were in shape, Icould run faster and farther. I'm really overweight. I have to try to get into shape.
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*in good shape

 and *in good condition physically and functionally sound and sturdy. (Used for both people and things. *Typically: be ~; get ~; keep ~.)
This car isn't in good shape. I'd like to have one that's in better condition. Mary is in good condition. She exercises and eats right to stay healthy. You have to make an effort to get into good shape.
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*in mint condition

Fig. in perfect condition. (*Typically: be ~;find something ~.) This is a fine car. It runs well and is in mint condition. We saw a house in mint condition and decided to buy it.
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send someone into a state or condition

to cause someone to be in a certain state or condition. The horrifying news sent our family into hysterics. The clerk's rude behavior sent the customer into a fit of anger.
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under certain circumstances

 and under certain conditions
Fig. depending on or influenced by something; because of something. Under certain conditions, you can see across the lake to the other side. Under certain circumstances, what you propose to do is all right.

in condition

Also, in good condition or shape ; in shape. Physically fit; also, in a state of readiness. For example, I've got to get in condition before the next road race, or This project's in good shape now, or Is this report in shape to show to the president? The first expression dates from the late 1700s; the use of shape for "a state of health or repair" dates from the mid-1800s. The antonyms of these expressions, out of condition and out of shape, date from the mid-1800s. For example, Their stock was out of condition and not suitable for selling, or I'm so out of shape that I can barely run a mile.
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in good condition

Also, in good shape. See in condition
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mint condition, in

In excellent condition, unblemished, perfect, as in This car is in mint condition. This expression alludes to the condition of a freshly minted coin. [c. 1900]
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on condition that

Provided that, with the restriction that, as in She said she'd help with the costumes on condition that she would get ten free tickets to the play . The use of the noun condition in the sense of "stipulation" dates from the late 1300s, and the precise phrase from the early 1500s.
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out of condition

Also, out of shape. See under in condition.
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in an interesting condition

pregnant. dated euphemistic

in mint condition

(of an object) new or as if new; in pristine condition.
The image behind this phrase is of a newly minted coin.
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in mint conˈdition

new or as good as new; in perfect condition: The books were 30 years old but they were in mint condition.My bicycle isn’t exactly in mint condition so I really can’t ask much for it.
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mint condition, in

Appearing to be brand-new and unused; in excellent shape. A favorite hyperbole of used-car salesmen and secondhand dealers, this term was borrowed from philatelists who so describe a new, unused stamp. It began to be transferred to other objects by the 1920s. Iris Murdoch used it in her novel The Flight from the Enchanter (1956): “The books were chaotic, but in mint condition.”
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