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The three key elements of the proposals are to update planning policy on the use of conditions, a package of measures to improve how councils discharge conditions and clarification on the fees that can be charged for the discharging of conditions.
The numerator of the AF predicts expenditures (y) using observed conditions and subtracts from that predicted expenditures setting the condition of interest ([d.sub.i]) to zero and leaving all other covariates and conditions as they are in the data.
In light of the above problems and the Westpac decision (in which the transaction was not structured as a loan), one might wonder whether the IRS should move away from a standard based on whether an obligation is subject to a condition subsequent or precedent.
The fifth and final condition allows only the minimum variance necessary to provide relief be granted.
Since 150[degrees]C was not a severe aging condition for this material, increasing the temperature and time intervals for the test might provide a better response separation.
The court disagreed, finding that the term "mental illness" was "ambiguous in that it could reasonably refer either to illnesses with nonphysical causes, or to illnesses with physical causes, but exhibiting both physical and non-physical symptoms." Applying the rule of contra proferentem, the court adopted the reasonable interpretation advanced by Lang, which is that the phrase "mental illness" does not include mental conditions resulting from physical disorders.
Another serious health condition involving continuing treatment by a health care provider is described as a "period of incapacity which is permanent or long-term due to a condition for which treatment may not be effective." (31) The employee or family member must be under the continuing supervision of a health care provider but not necessarily be receiving active treatment.
"Our environmental medicine clinic has several hundred patients who have this disorder, and we have not made any progress in ways to evaluate and manage them that has led to any sustainable improvements in their condition," he said.
* Make available a method of determining the Facilities Condition Index (FCI) of each building, each campus, and the institution as a whole for benchmarking purposes.
While the compound didn't appear to work for that purpose, it was sufficiently promising in other ways that Pfizer launched a trial to test it against angina, chest pains that signal a dangerous heart condition.
(ii) obtain information on the condition of the bank and its subsidiaries and offices through regular examination reports, audit reports, or otherwise;
Results suggested that the 90% known condition led to the highest percentage of on-task behavior and the highest retention, but required much more time to complete.
A 2 x 2 factorial design was used in a CER paradigm in lever press response with rats, one factor being the pre-exposure condition (pre-exposure or no-pre-exposure) and the other the intensity of the foot-shock employed as the US during conditioning (high or low).
Nevertheless, the description answers many questions and fills many gaps in the knowledge about this region that seems to continue to undergo a condition of traumatized transitionality much longer than any other region in the world.