condescend to

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condescend to

To act as though others are less important or inferior to oneself. Jim has been condescending to us ever since he found out he got cast in that movie. Can you please stop condescending to me? Contrary to what you may think, I'm not an idiot.
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condescend to (do something)

To do something that one feels is unworthy or demeaning. Now that Jim thinks he's a big movie star, I doubt he'll condescend to talk to us common folk.
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condescend to someone

to talk down to someone; to treat people as if they were below oneself; to patronize someone. Please do not condescend to me. There is no need to condescend to the children. They are just small, not stupid.
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References in classic literature ?
'A curse,' he muttered, 'upon the wretched state of us proud beggars, from whom the poor and rich are equally at a distance; the one being forced to treat us with a show of cold respect; the other condescending to us in their every deed and word, and keeping more aloof, the nearer they approach us.--Why, if it were pain to you
Over the past few decades, government at all levels, run by a class of self-serving administrators and bureaucrats, has grown larger, more intrusive, more wasteful, more unaccountable, more arrogant and more condescending to us mere proles.
The answer could be yes - as soon as network television stops being condescending to us and gives our politics, sports and culture equal footing with the rest of the country.
I would prefer the English to be arrogant and condescending to us because at least then you can convince yourself that they have derived at least some pleasure and satisfaction from being better than you.