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condescend to

To act as though others are less important or inferior to oneself. Jim has been condescending to us ever since he found out he got cast in that movie. Can you please stop condescending to me? Contrary to what you may think, I'm not an idiot.
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condescend to (do something)

To do something that one feels is unworthy or demeaning. Now that Jim thinks he's a big movie star, I doubt he'll condescend to talk to us common folk.
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condescend to someone

to talk down to someone; to treat people as if they were below oneself; to patronize someone. Please do not condescend to me. There is no need to condescend to the children. They are just small, not stupid.
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It concluded: "The commercial sector appears unanimously to find it outdated, condescending, generally unco-ordinated and incoherent.""
Surely there must be a better way to raise money for worthy causes than having to endure weeks of unfunny plugging for the event by condescending, pompous celebrities?
HOW condescending to see the traffic chaos surrounding the Worthington Cup Final described as `access problems'.
Thursday Night Live (ITV) was the latest programme to cough up, which is exactly what I felt like doing listening to his condescending, holier- than- thou attacks on all things tabloid.
She tendered the apology in a live video shared via her Instagram handle @Enkay on Tuesday saying she was not a condescending person.
The Speaker of the US House of Representatives branded Mr Francois 'condescending' during a meeting with senior European Research Group (ERG) members.
Summary: If you must tell someone they're wrong, take all the care you can to not sound condescending or pompous.
The Permatang Pauh MP today described the Parit Buntar MP's message to her as 'inappropriate and condescending'.
He added that during the reported period, Iranians mainly visited Iraq, Turkey, the UAE, Georgia, Germany, Qatar and Saudi Arabia (in condescending order).
(1) Shall we stand by and watch the bishop-bashers whose crass and condescending tongues continue to badmouth and threaten our bishops?
president as overbearing and 'condescending' in his message to Nigerians ahead of the 2015 general elections.
Condescending is when they treat education as a privilege and not a right.
Italian actress Isabella Rossellini has said she finds it condescending when people tell her she is beautiful.
Roger accuses me of being condescending, but what's more condescending than the older generation smugly asserting that their generation is so superior to those that follow?
Summary: Speeches and media appearances this week by Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun have featured a heavy dose of condescending talk, brazen threats and the total denial of the role of other players in Lebanon's political system.