condescend to

condescend to

To act as though others are less important or inferior to oneself. Jim has been condescending to us ever since he found out he got cast in that movie. Can you please stop condescending to me? Contrary to what you may think, I'm not an idiot.
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condescend to (do something)

To do something that one feels is unworthy or demeaning. Now that Jim thinks he's a big movie star, I doubt he'll condescend to talk to us common folk.
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condescend to someone

to talk down to someone; to treat people as if they were below oneself; to patronize someone. Please do not condescend to me. There is no need to condescend to the children. They are just small, not stupid.
See also: condescend
References in classic literature ?
He had condescended to mortgage as far as he had the power, but he would never condescend to sell.
To this I added another petition, "that for the sake of my patron the king of Luggnagg, his majesty would condescend to excuse my performing the ceremony imposed on my countrymen, of trampling upon the crucifix: because I had been thrown into his kingdom by my misfortunes, without any intention of trading.
Falk obeys the law of self-preservation without the slightest misgivings as to his right, but at a crucial turn of that ruthlessly preserved life he will not condescend to dodge the truth.
Not only that he can't even condescend to reply to my letter dated March, 24 when I pointed this out.
1 : to stoop to the level of someone considered less important <These two great commanders did not condescend to fight in person .
Surely, the greater surprise is that a government which for the last 10 years has been so adept in representing the interests of those living within the M25 and north of the border should condescend to actually having one minister from the West Midlands.
That means you can t condescend to your reader about how the real meaning of pride is an adorable and eccentric boyfriend, a cabin in the Poconos, and an adopted child (and a six-figure salary to support all three).
Regular readers of CTR are aware of our editorial stance that, in information technology, applications are king and will not condescend to any lesser role.
Yet her work does not condescend to those who imbibe TV culture: there is empathy and at times a shared pleasure.