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condense (something) (in)to (something)

To reduce something into fewer parts, or to make something smaller or shorter. You definitely need to condense this paper into a shorter version because you're currently 20 pages over the limit.
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condense something (in)to something

to compress or reduce something to something; to shrink or abridge something into a smaller version. Condense this into half its original volume. You should condense this novel to a short story.
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Generally, the straight installation of a condensing oil boiler from your traditional oil boiler does not take long at all.
Previous monitoring activities by the authors of conventional, 80% thermal efficiency (TE), non-condensing heating RTUs clearly support high outside air load applications, especially DOAS, as an early market entry point for the cost effective use of condensing heating RTUs (>90% TE), especially while initial lower production volumes dictate even greater premiums for condensing equipment.
Condensing units typically have propeller blade fans.
In fact, condensing warm air heaters have been available for several years and have proven themselves in a range of applications.
To resume, getting the condensing boilers energy efficiency above 90%-92% is not a trivial task; it requires thorough system design and control, a low-temperature heat distribution system, a blending valve, load balancing between boilers, adjustment to outside temperature, etc.
Keywords: Clavicle, Condensing osteitis, Mechanical stress, Tooth.
These included a new legal requirement that all boilers (about 1.4 million annually) must be of the condensing type.
Standard control mode maintains a pre-set condensing condition, similar to a 'fan speed control' providing stable pressure and reduced noise at low load conditions, such as during evening and night time operation, unlike traditional controllers which still allow full speed operation leading to ramp noise at load, for instance after defrost, the new Hubbard Zenith Ranges utilise a switchable ambient probe combined with a unique algorithm to limit the maximum speed of the fan in relation to the ambient condition therefore limiting the ramp affect making it ideal for noise sensitive sites.
ATLANTA-BASED HEATCRAFT REFRIGERATION PRODUCTS is offering a new 1/2 to 6HP condensing unit with HyperCore microchannel technology that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
Tony Billett raises an important point about the thermal efficiency of condensing boilers but another point also needs attention (Letters, PE 30 January).
AERCO boilers operate in condensing mode, eliminating the need for pumping and piping materials required to protect non-condensing equipment.
Result: The condensing water smoothes into a thin layer that allows light to pass through without scattering.
Installing the vapor barrier on the outside of the wall in Alaska results in warm air condensing its water against the exterior sheathing, resulting in rotting of the exterior wall.