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condense (something) (in)to (something)

To reduce something into fewer parts, or to make something smaller or shorter. You definitely need to condense this paper into a shorter version because you're currently 20 pages over the limit.
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condense something (in)to something

to compress or reduce something to something; to shrink or abridge something into a smaller version. Condense this into half its original volume. You should condense this novel to a short story.
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The condensable particulate emissions were identified as being higher than anticipated.
77% and collected volatile condensable material (CVCM) of 0.
Non Condensable Impacts on EER* and SEER* for TXV and Hot Attic Conditions Description [EER*.
Analysis of condensable products is performed by Agilent 6820 gas chromatograph equipped with a HP-innowax capillary column and a FID detector.
The problem is compounded because many gas-producing reservoirs are becoming depleted and are producing gas with increasing concentrations of condensable hydrocarbons.
The LP obtained in BM pyrolysis as organic condensable is oxygeneous and contains a large amount of water and polyfunctional oxygen compounds and less simple phenols, alcohols, acids, ketones, and aldehydes.
Lower target condensable particulate emissions were taken from AP-42, given assumed application of control technologies.
Only through the investigations of Regnault (whose efficient construction and careful observance of all disturbances in each field of measurements has exerted a beneficial influence) has it been demonstrated conclusively that several of these gases correspond in their deviations from the mentioned law to {the behavior of} condensable carbonic acid {carbon dioxide}.
A low cloud abundance means that there's less of the condensable substances, including water.
The condensable organic material formed representing another 10% of the coal weight has similar high heating value.
As organic solid aerosols are initiated in the upper atmosphere of Titan, a new question is raised that I will address: what is the evolution of these organic prebiotic seeds when sedimenting down to the surface Aerosols will indeed undergo the bombardment of charged particles, further UV radiation, and/or coating of condensable species at lower altitudes.
The evaporated reaction products were collected in the form of non-condensable gaseous products, condensable oil, wax and solid residue.
By removing the gas ballast feature, which is significant for applications where condensable vapor removal is important, this creates a hermetically sealed pump from inlet to outlet with no moving seals and no possibility of accidental introduction of atmospheric air.
As expected, the more condensable gases exhibited higher solubility.