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condemn (someone or something) as (something)

To judge someone or something harshly and unfavorably. The other troops have condemned me as a traitor. The actress was quick to condemn the report as slander.
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condemn (someone or something) for (something)

To judge someone or something harshly for a particular action. The other troops have condemned me for consorting with a known enemy. The actress was quick to condemn the newspaper for spreading lies about her.
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condemn (someone) to (something)

To assign one a particular fate or punishment. That criminal has been condemned to a life of hard labor.
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condemn someone as something

to blame or judge someone as being something bad. The team condemned Larry as a traitor. Max was condemned as a common thief.
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condemn someone for something

to blame or judge someone for something or for having done something. I really can't condemn her for doing it. I would have done the same too. Don't condemn yourself for the accident. It was no one's fault.
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condemn someone to something

[for a judge] to sentence someone to something; to relegate someone to a particular punishment. By confessing, he condemned himself to many years in prison. I don't want to condemn you to a life of unpleasantness.
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Upon written request, the condemner must now provide a copy of the appraisal report for its offer, which will allow the property owner to evaluate the offer.
015(2), before an eminent domain action can be filed, a condemner must provide written notice by certified mail to the business owner.
After setting out a new analytical framework, he discusses three behavior theories for condemners, four types of incentives for condemnees, and four assessment methods.
Tueni was killed six year ago because he, with his pen, voice and television appearances, together with another martyred colleague, the talented journalist and writer Samir Kassir, were among the earliest condemners of the dictatorship of the oppressive regime in Damascus.
Many if not most textbook-authors and teachers of Fowler's time, and ours, belong in the third group, the dire condemners.
Jesus' hard instruction "Bless those who curse you" is his command that his followers appeal to God to act beneficently toward their condemners.
I'LL bet even the most vociferous condemners of Roy Keane have an admiration for him lurking deep within their souls.
I'm sure a lot of people will condemn Deano but I doubt if too many of his condemners will be blokes.
After all, at the end of the Apology Socrates first spoke to his condemners, chastising them for their foolishness:
Delinquent persons neutralize their negative feelings by using one of five techniques: denial of responsibility, denial of injury, denial of the victim, condemnation of the condemners, and an appeal to higher loyalties.