condemn as

condemn (someone or something) as (something)

To judge someone or something harshly and unfavorably. The other troops have condemned me as a traitor. The actress was quick to condemn the report as slander.
See also: condemn

condemn someone as something

to blame or judge someone as being something bad. The team condemned Larry as a traitor. Max was condemned as a common thief.
See also: condemn
References in classic literature ?
That evidence," he observed, "was hardly required in so glaring a case, but I am glad of it, and, indeed, none of our judges like to condemn a criminal upon circumstantial evidence, be it ever so decisive.
The most petty baron may arrest, try, and condemn a witch found within his own domain.
Wait a little before you condemn a man whom you don't understand.
Could you condemn a poor mother to this torture for fifteen years?
But how many people would condemn as immoral a sexual relationship in these circumstances?