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condemn (someone or something) as (something)

To judge someone or something harshly and unfavorably. The other troops have condemned me as a traitor. The actress was quick to condemn the report as slander.
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condemn (someone or something) for (something)

To judge someone or something harshly for a particular action. The other troops have condemned me for consorting with a known enemy. The actress was quick to condemn the newspaper for spreading lies about her.
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condemn (someone) to (something)

To assign one a particular fate or punishment. That criminal has been condemned to a life of hard labor.
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condemn someone as something

to blame or judge someone as being something bad. The team condemned Larry as a traitor. Max was condemned as a common thief.
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condemn someone for something

to blame or judge someone for something or for having done something. I really can't condemn her for doing it. I would have done the same too. Don't condemn yourself for the accident. It was no one's fault.
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condemn someone to something

[for a judge] to sentence someone to something; to relegate someone to a particular punishment. By confessing, he condemned himself to many years in prison. I don't want to condemn you to a life of unpleasantness.
See also: condemn
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I condemn the brutal terrorist attack on innocent pilgrims in Amarnath.
We condemn terrorist attacks against Majlis and Imam Khomeini Mausoleum in Tehran and express solidarity with Iranians,' Nalbandian said.
To condemn the rising culture of impunity from murder?
We condemn these horrific crimes in the strongest terms possible.
At first he replied: "I condemn all bombing," then said: "Look, I condemn what was done by the British Army as well.
In a statement issued today, the Embassy said that "The United States wholly condemns yesterday's senseless bomb attacks outside of Manama that killed one policeman and injured several others, at least one critically.
The British Foreign Minister, William Haig, who is a neo-conservative, was the first one to condemn this terrorist act at 2.
National Union of Syrian Students, General Union of Arab Students, al-Ahd National Party Condemn Damascus Terrorist Blasts National Union of Syrian Students and the General Union of Arab Students strongly condemned Damascus terrorist blasts, in which 27 people including civilians and law enforcement members were martyred and dozens injured.
A statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry said that "Russia vehemently condemns this terrorist act that has no and can't have any justification and whose executers must receive the punishment they deserve.
I strongly condemn the terrorist attack in Dyiarbakir province," NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in a statement.
WASHINGTON, March 12, 2011 (WAFA) -- The White House Saturday strongly condemned what it described as "the terrorist attack in the West Bank," calling on the Palestinian Authority to also condemn it and bring the perpetrators to justice.
Lebanese Shiite Groups Condemn Insults Against Sistani
The Russian President's condemnation cable cited "I strictly condemn these terrorist attacks which target innocent citizens and governmental, social as well as religious establishments," noting that "Such attacks cannot be justified regardless the reasons used by the terrorist to justify their activities.
3 : to declare to be wrong <School policy condemns cheating.
We want to strongly condemn this attack on innocent civilians," State Department deputy spokesman Robert Wood said.