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concur on (someone or something)

To agree on a particular person or idea. Have you two concurred on a recipient for the scholarship? We definitely concur on the fact that this town is the ideal place to raise our family.
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concur on someone or something (with someone)

 and concur (on someone or something) with someone
to agree with someone about someone or something. I certainly do concur on this matter with all of you. I concur with you on Tom. We concurred with the committee on you as our choice for the job. We concurred on the plans with the council.
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To further refine the audit review process, the SECPS revised Appendix E, "Concurring Partner Review Requirement," of its membership requirements, establishing minimum qualifications for concurring partners and addressing the nature, extent and timing of the review and the required documentation.
The revision includes a "cooling-off period" provision affecting partner rotation: an audit engagement partner may not serve as a concurring partner for at least two years after his or her last year as the lead engagement partner.
Two of those same three Justices joined in a separate concurring opinion to express an even stronger view about the potential problems of computerization.
He was concurring partner for the 1988 and 1989 audits of Kahler Corp.