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concur on (someone or something)

To agree on a particular person or idea. Have you two concurred on a recipient for the scholarship? We definitely concur on the fact that this town is the ideal place to raise our family.
See also: concur, on

concur on someone or something (with someone)

 and concur (on someone or something) with someone
to agree with someone about someone or something. I certainly do concur on this matter with all of you. I concur with you on Tom. We concurred with the committee on you as our choice for the job. We concurred on the plans with the council.
See also: concur, on
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By seamlessly integrating with Concur Travel and Expense, RideCharge allows travel managers to better control ground transport costs by providing electronic booking, payment, and expense management for taxi, sedan, limo and shuttle services - while virtually eliminating paper receipts and accidental or fraudulent over-reporting of taxi expenses by travelers.
Concur Vendor Payment solves these problems by automating the process for managing all invoices and check requests, including common and recurring payment of such expenses as utility or service bills, charitable contributions, consulting and legal fees, and other ad-hoc expenses.
concur outright, however, it is uncertain whether he did so knowing the
Concur TripLink connects travellers, itineraries, and receipts across multiple channels, allowing businesses to apply their travel policies to direct bookings.
SC96830 28 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Stith, J.; Fischer, C.J., Wilson, Russell and Powell, JJ., concur; Draper, J., concurs in separate opinion filed; Breckenridge, J., concurs in opinion of Draper, J.) Appealed from circuit court, Jackson County, Forsyth, J.
We're always looking for interesting integrations with other applications, services and products and have worked with Microsoft, Slack, Amazon, Ford, Uber, SITA and other Concur partners.
By integrating the airlines' channels with Concur TripLink, the companies' mutual customers can improve both policy compliance and duty of care efforts, through the ability to apply policy when employees book directly on, or send their British Airways or Iberia itineraries to TripIt.
Nolfo's most recent experience was with Concur Technologies as a Sr.
London has topped a chart of the 25 most visited global business destinations in 2011, according to a new study submitted by Concur. Other cities on the list are Shanghai (China), Singapore, Beijing (China), Toronto (Canada) and Hong Kong (China).
A year ago, the synod again voted in favour of the motion but the bishop still did not concur because the vote was less than 60 per cent, and he felt the diocese needed time to consider the pastoral needs of those opposed.
Corporate expense management solutions provider Concur Technologies Inc has launched a new mobile device platform.
SAP Concur, the worlds leading provider of expense, travel and invoice management solutions, announced its partnership with Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd., a global technology consulting and digital solutions company.
Both the Senate and the House of Representatives must concur with the proclamation for conferment of the award.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 17, 2016-British Airways, Iberia join Concur TripLink to capture travel data