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concur on (someone or something)

To agree on a particular person or idea. Have you two concurred on a recipient for the scholarship? We definitely concur on the fact that this town is the ideal place to raise our family.
See also: concur, on

concur on someone or something (with someone)

 and concur (on someone or something) with someone
to agree with someone about someone or something. I certainly do concur on this matter with all of you. I concur with you on Tom. We concurred with the committee on you as our choice for the job. We concurred on the plans with the council.
See also: concur, on
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Concur TripLink complements travel programs by providing visibility and information continuity to enable travelers and companies to book directly with Air Canada.
As a Concur Platinum Certified Advisor, Lyndon Group assists companies that are implementing Concur or are already Concur clients by providing implementation project management or assistance and assessments of current Concur configurations.
Concur Express allows its user to handle expense transactions, capture expense data at anytime from anywhere and create expense reports.
That drove Concur to build a robust, global platform and connected ecosystem, said John Gibbon, Vice President Platform at Concur This helps our customers gain more visibility into spend while also allowing their employees to travel and work more efficiently.
Concur clients can order business meals, including lunch meetings or dinners at their desk; beverages (including alcohol) deliveries for corporate gifts or office happy hours; groceries for the office kitchen; and even laundry and dry cleaning services for extended business trips.
Concur (NASDAQ: CNQR) said it has announced a partnership with United Airlines to develop and enable corporate direct travel bookings on united.
13 November 2012 - US integrated travel and expense management solutions firm Concur Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:CNQR) said it had invested USD2m (EUR1.
Concur has entered a deal to buy consumer-grade travel search aggregator Hipmunk.
The spend management solution provider Concur said its Concur App Center has grown to feature more than 100 partner apps.
Integrated travel and expense management services provider Concur (NASDAQ: CNQR) has announced an agreement that will enable business travelers to purchase Gogo in-flight Internet sessions within the travel booking experience delivered through Concur's T&E Cloud.
US travel and expense management specialist Concur (NASDAQ:CNQR) said today it had reached an agreement to take over London-based private sector firm GlobalExpense for up to GBP14m (USD23m/EUR15.
Concur, an SAP company and the world's leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Hipmunk, a leader in travel search innovation.