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be cast in concrete

To be firmly or permanently established; to be unalterable or not subject to change. The healthcare law looks promising, but we'll have to wait until it's cast in concrete before we know exactly what it will do.
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be set in concrete

To be definitely and permanently decided or planned. We might get brunch next weekend, but nothing is set in concrete yet.
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cast in concrete

Firmly or permanently established; not subject to change; unalterable. The healthcare law looks promising, but we'll have to wait until it's cast in concrete before we know exactly what it will do.
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concrete jungle

An overcrowded, unsafe and/or crime-ridden urban environment or city, characterized by the congestion of large buildings and roads. After years living in that concrete jungle, I'm looking forward to being in a place with a bit of grass and friendly neighbors.
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concrete overcoat

slang Concrete poured over a dead body, as to hide or dispose of it. Used primarily in films and literature describing the activities of gangsters. I gave that stool pigeon a concrete overcoat, boss—he won't be talking to the police ever again.
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set (something) in concrete

To establish something firmly or permanently; to make something unalterable or not subject to change. The healthcare law looks promising, but we'll have to wait until Congress sets it in concrete before we know exactly what it will do.
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set in concrete

If a plan is set in concrete, it is fixed and cannot be changed. With expenditure plans now set in concrete for three years, slower growth would mean higher taxes. Note: You can also say that a plan is cast in concrete. But the sale conditions must be cast in concrete.
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be set in concrete

(of a policy or idea) be fixed and unalterable.
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Figures 7 and 8 show that cube compressive strengths of concretes at 28 days reduced with increasing water/cement ratio.
Since concrete is specified in practice on the basis of strength at 28 days, ISAT 10 values of the concretes were examined at equal 28-day strengths.
In a marine environment, in addition to its presence in original mix, the chloride ions penetrate into the concrete either from sea water or sea winds carrying sea salts and reacts with the hydrated cement products which produces complex compounds including Friedels salt which are leachable and expansive in nature.
In the regions with a cold climate, the freeze-thaw damage is the most important issue among the durability problems in concrete structures, such as dams, hydraulic and offshore structures, and bridges and highway pavements, during their service (Rao et al.
Fly ash combines with calcium hydroxide to produce additional cementitious materials, thereby reducing the amount of calcium hydroxide that may be leached out of the concrete. Leaching of the calcium hydroxide increases concrete voids which can accelerate freeze-thaw damage.
A Chinese standard (GB/T1596-2005) [11] Grade I fly ash was used as admixture to make the concrete. A Chinese standard (GB/T21120-2007) [12] polypropylene fiber was used to make the concrete, the length of which was 19 mm.
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Therefore use of ceramic waste as partially replacement material of any of constituents of the concrete will not only control the product waste tactfully but will also economize concrete manufacturing cost.
Concretes with aggregates from demolition waste and silica fume.
Fresh properties of NCA and RCA concretes Fresh property NCA concrete RCA concrete Workability Slump (mm) 90-275 70-255 Slump flow (mm) 600-735 380-725 Slump loss for normal 50 75 concrete (after 45 min) (%) Slump loss for self- 2.4-2.6 7.4-10.4 consolidating concrete (after 1 h) (%) Stability (segregation resistance) Visual stability index, [VSI.sub.NCA] [less [VSI.sub.RCA] [much VSI (a) (based on than or equal less than] 1 bleeding, mortar halo, to] 1 and aggregate piling) Sieve segregation (%) 8.9-10.4 8.3-12.3 Wet density 2325-2455 2250-2370 (kg/[m.sup.3]) Air content (%) 1.3-6.3 1.5-6.9 (a) A lower VSI value indicates higher stability or segregation resistance.
As shown in Table 2, the water to cement ratios of 0.47 and 0.53 are determined depending on the mixture proportions of control concrete. Mixture proportion of recycled aggregate concrete is obtained by using recycled coarse aggregate as the same weight to replace the natural aggregate of the control concrete at 16.7%, 33.3%, 50%, 66.7%, and 100%.
where [DELTA]W is the additional water consumption in concrete mixture; [m.sub.RA] is the mass of recycled aggregate in concrete; [w.sub.RA] and [w.sub.OA] are the water contents of recycled aggregate and ordinary aggregate, respectively; [s.sub.RA] and [s.sub.OA] are the water absorption of recycled aggregate and ordinary aggregate, respectively; [m.sub.A] is the mass of recycled concrete; and a is the percentage of recycled aggregate in the total aggregate of concrete.