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be cast in concrete

To be firmly or permanently established; to be unalterable or not subject to change. The healthcare law looks promising, but we'll have to wait until it's cast in concrete before we know exactly what it will do.
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be set in concrete

To be definitely and permanently decided or planned. We might get brunch next weekend, but nothing is set in concrete yet.
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cast in concrete

Firmly or permanently established; not subject to change; unalterable. The healthcare law looks promising, but we'll have to wait until it's cast in concrete before we know exactly what it will do.
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concrete jungle

An overcrowded, unsafe and/or crime-ridden urban environment or city, characterized by the congestion of large buildings and roads. After years living in that concrete jungle, I'm looking forward to being in a place with a bit of grass and friendly neighbors.
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concrete overcoat

slang Concrete poured over a dead body, as to hide or dispose of it. Used primarily in films and literature describing the activities of gangsters. I gave that stool pigeon a concrete overcoat, boss—he won't be talking to the police ever again.
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set (something) in concrete

To establish something firmly or permanently; to make something unalterable or not subject to change. The healthcare law looks promising, but we'll have to wait until Congress sets it in concrete before we know exactly what it will do.
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set in concrete

If a plan is set in concrete, it is fixed and cannot be changed. With expenditure plans now set in concrete for three years, slower growth would mean higher taxes. Note: You can also say that a plan is cast in concrete. But the sale conditions must be cast in concrete.
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be set in concrete

(of a policy or idea) be fixed and unalterable.
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courts should move away from treating concreteness as a factor in
The first stage of analysis concerned overall concreteness. For this purpose, the number of the concrete and abstract constituents in each poem was calculated.
(122) The majority added that the risk of real harm can satisfy the concreteness requirement.
Hypothesis 1: The concreteness effect will occur in both word and sentence contexts when processing emotionally neutral information.
The curve pattern is similar to that reported by Nelson and Schreiber (1992) that have also pointed out the lack of correlation between the concreteness of the first eight associates and the average Associative Strength.
In fact, some authors support that the frontal N400 concreteness effect continues beyond this time window (Huang, Lee, & Federmeier, 2010).
NVLD children, on the other hand, maybe less sensitive to concreteness effects and should show reduced responses to concrete words, since their weakest functions are those related to RH activity.
The discipline of ensuring that these elements are present in one's personal vision statement should be adhered to, but always insisting on some flexibility within the broad parameters of what works to provide enough concreteness to the vision and enough push towards realizing it within the vision period.
This approach to professional development is an attempt to orchestrate several of the "best practices" in professional development--linkage to core curriculum, concreteness, establishment of collegial networks, and ongoing related activities--into a feasible model for use in elementary schools.
"There's a logic and concreteness that has to exist with [Christopher Nolan]," Snyder said about the film's writer in his interview with the Post.
The purpose of the current experiment is to investigate the potential effect of word concreteness on the rate of tip-of-the-tongue experiences (TOTs), in addition to replicating word-frequency effects reported in the literature.
Islamabad, June 29 ( ANI ): The military establishment in Pakistan must wake up to the real dangers of courting the Tehreek-e-Taliban, before the entire country is swept up in a river of blood due to misplaced concreteness in the country's policy, said an editorial in a Pakistani daily.
"Such a goal has been achieved with concreteness and commitment, which is a further drive for the Bolog- naFiere project to restart from this edition to strengthen its position as the largest international platform of the cosmetic and wellness industry and to give an even stronger support to the Made in Italy products.
"Most of Transtroemer's poetry collections are characterized by economy, concreteness and poignant metaphors.