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screw (one)self up to concert pitch

To prepare for any event or crisis that may occur. My dad is nervous about me driving so far on my own, so I'm sure he's screwed himself up to concert pitch and is stationed by the phone in case I call.
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in concert

1. Literally, performing a musical concert. They're one of my favorite bands, but strangely I've never seen them in concert.
2. Together; in cooperation. The two of us will need to work in concert if we're going to get through all these files. The local police department has been investigating in concert with federal agencies.
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in concert (with someone)

Fig. in cooperation with someone; with the aid of someone. Mrs. Smith planned the party in concert with her sister. In concert they planned a lovely event.
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in concert

Together, jointly, as in They worked in concert on the script, or When mind is in concert with body, one can accomplish a great deal. This expression uses concert in the sense of "an agreement of two or more persons." [Early 1700s]
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SMTA had, over the past several years, presented two concerts with members performing on two pianos.
The Sapphire Trio, with Maxine Ramey, clarinet; Margaret Baldridge, violin; and Jody Graves, piano, was formed to explore the newly created literature for clarinet, violin and piano, and bring to the concert venue the master works that exist in the repertoire for this combination.
So, how do we engage our students whether they're age 5 or 85--so they will choose to attend live concerts and learn from them?
Concerts, like the one described, do take place, but usually in a few major cities and other intellectual centers, such as certain university towns.