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as far as (someone or something) is concerned

1. Regarding a certain person or situation. As far as Aunt Elaine is concerned, we still need to get a Christmas gift for her. As far as dinner is concerned, it's been pushed to 8:00, so no need to rush.
2. In one's view or opinion. As far as I'm concerned, I don't feel safe in this neighborhood anymore. Grandma doesn't care if you bring your boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner. As far as she's concerned, the more, the merrier!
See also: concerned, far

concerned about (someone or something)

Worried about someone or something. I'm getting concerned about the dog because he hasn't eaten all day. I'm sure everything is fine—try not to be so concerned about it.
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as far as someone is concerned

 and so far as someone is concerned
from the point of view of someone. Bob: Isn't this cake good? Alice: Yes, indeed. This is the best cake I have ever eaten as far as I'm concerned. As far as we are concerned, anything at all would be fine for dinner.
See also: concerned, far

as far as something is concerned

 and so far as something is concerned
having to do with something; pertaining to something; as for something. This bill? As far as that's concerned, the committee will have to take care of it. As far as the roof's concerned, it will just have to last another year.
See also: concerned, far

(that's) fine with me

 and (that's) fine by me; (that's) okay by me; (that's) okay with me
That is agreeable as far as I am concerned. (The expressions with by are colloquial.) Sue: I'm giving away your old coat. Bob: That's fine with me. Sally: Can I take twenty dollars out of your wallet? Fred: That's okay by me—if you can find it, of course.
See also: fine

as far as that goes

Also, so far as that goes; as or so far as that is concerned . Concerning that, actually, moreover. For example, As far as that goes, Bill doesn't understand it, or My husband has never gotten along with Henry, and so far as that goes, Henry doesn't like him either , or As far as that is concerned, Patrice can take care of herself. Also see as for.
See also: far, goes, that
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More Americans are seriously concerned about identity theft (61 percent) and bankcard fraud (58 percent) than they are about their own personal safety (39 percent).
So it's not a surprise that most parents whose kids are online unsupervised are concerned about issues related to sexual predators and pornography.
30% 30% 31%Not at all concerned 11% 12% 13%For more information, visit www.
Although the proposal would likely not affect TEI members, he explained, the Institute is concerned that outsourcing core government functions implicates important government policies relating to confidentiality, taxpayer rights and privacy, and due process.
In this study, we found that, although college students continue to engage in unhealthy behaviors, the majority of the students remain concerned about risky health behaviors.
17] A woman who has these implants and is concerned about nursing her infant should consult with her doctor.
If people are concerned about the dangers of nuclear war or environmental degradation we only reveal our own normative position if we label such responses 'fears' or 'anxieties.
FSV adolescents were more conscious and concerned about their personal appearance than NV women.
The rationale for placing goodwill and going concern value in a true residual class, Class V, may be that the IRS was concerned that placing all Sec.
CPAs must continue to be concerned about "the public interest," a responsibility that is the essence of professionalism.
Manufacturers concerned about their current and future success are worrying about hi ring and keeping skilled employees and keeping up to date with new technology and equipment, according to a Norton Co.
One of the sections about which NRC requested information and comment concerned "the [current] exemption of patient excreta.
Living with the current uncertainty makes bankers nervous, community groups dissatisfied with their ability to hold institutions accountable, and everyone involved concerned about ensuring fair and consistent evaluations by the agencies.
Even though this is an official International Rubber Conference, Division people are concerned about the package for this 1993 meeting.
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