concern with

concern (someone) with (someone or something)

1. To involve someone in something to the extent that they feel partly responsible for dealing with it. You really don't need to concern your mother with our financial issues—we're perfectly capable of sorting them out on our own.
2. To cause someone to worry about something. I don't want to concern my parents with this news until we get more information about how serious the illness is.
See also: concern

concern someone with someone or something

to busy someone with someone or something; to worry someone with thoughts of someone or something. I hope Jennifer does not concern herself with this matter. Try to concern him with something other than his work.
See also: concern
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The deeper issue was the doctor's failure to address his long-standing concern with the nurse's competence.
They also are concerned by the loss of farmland due to urban sprawl; the treatment of animals with special concern with what they term `factory farms'; the safety of biotechnology in food; and environmental concerns.
Finally Hall pointed to an accentuated concern with 'violence'; a sensitization to a new terrain of crisis that drew on a plethora of themes spanning a heightened industrial militancy, Northern Ireland, the Vietnam War, and international terrorism.
Critical analyzes and theories about Toni Morrison's novels have adequately discussed her parallel concern with exploring the myriad permutations of African American identity and the art and substance of storytelling.
Late-twentieth-century analysis employs a number of approaches that combine close or practical readings with the more post-modern concern with the text as an isolated entity consisting of its own cultural idioms and matrices (such as the transformation in American experience and culture of African concepts of circularity and the notion of the "crossroads").
Page extracts Morrison's concern with exploring the complexities of human behavior within a solid context of African American existence and experience.
For instance, rather than offer a racialized or gendered reading of the texts, Page extracts and makes connections between those ideas of race and gender which lend themselves to an understanding of his privileging of notions of Morrison's concern with identity and narrative storytelling.
It involves meat avoidance, a concern for the environment and animal welfare, gender equality, weight loss behaviors, and a concern with body appearance.
Burke noted that the Institute's biggest concern with the treaty process is the level of taxpayer participation.
Asked to express the amount of concern they had about 14 economic conditions and investment trends, on a scale of one to five, with one indicating the least concern and five the greatest, respondents indicated the most concern with the ethics of the securities markets.
This mounting concern with insider trading, like that with inadequate issuer reporting, has been accompanied by contrarian economic analyses that assert that the prohibition of insider trading interferes with the efficient assimilation of information by markets, that it makes conduct a crime that is essentially victimless, and that it makes capital-raising more costly.