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concentrate at (some place)

1. To have people gather in a particular place or area. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "concentrate" and "at." Concentrate all the guests at the entrance to the venue for now—I don't want them to see the wedding party just yet.
2. To gather in a particular place or area in large numbers. Most of the guests are concentrated at the buffet right now. I had a hard time getting down the hallway because so many students were concentrated at the door to the gym.
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concentrate on (someone or something)

To focus on a particular person or thing. I'm sorry, but I can't concentrate on what you're saying with that music blaring in the background. If you want to get into the college of your choice, you really need to concentrate on your schoolwork.
See also: concentrate, on

concentrate at some place

to gather thickly at a place. The moths concentrated at the window at night, attracted by the light. All the thirsty children concentrated at the water fountain.
See also: concentrate, place

concentrate someone or something at something

to cause people or things to gather at a place; to cause people or things to convene or converge at a place. You shouldn't concentrate all the guards at one entrance. The general concentrated all the big guns at the entrance to the valley.
See also: concentrate

concentrate something on someone or something

to focus something on someone or something; to center on someone or something. Let's try to concentrate our efforts on finishing this job today. She concentrated her attention on Lynn.
See also: concentrate, on

concentrate (up)on someone or something

to focus one's thinking on someone or something; to think intensely about someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Please concentrate upon Jeff. He is the one we should discuss. Try to concentrate on your work more.
See also: concentrate, on

ˌconcentrate the ˈmind

make you think very clearly and seriously about something: Being informed that you are likely to lose your job unless you work harder concentrates the mind wonderfully.
See also: concentrate, mind
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To offer bundled video on demand and high-speed Internet access to MDU customers, providers co-locate a video server with an IP-optimized DSL concentrator in an MDU building's basement wiring closet (see Fig).
Unlike current concentrated photovoltaic solutions that require bulky mirrors or lenses and sun tracking mechanisms, the HyperSolar concentrator will be a thin and flat self-tracking solar concentrator that conventional solar manufacturers can use in conventional flat solar panels.
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COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Echelon Corporation (NASDAQ:ELON), a global networking company providing technology and solutions for controls, smart metering, and energy and environment management, unveiled the DC-1000/SL Data Concentrator for its Networked Energy Services (NES) advanced metering system today at the Metering & Billing/CRM Europe 2006 event in Copenhagen.
ENTECH has developed record-breaking concentrator solar power systems, supplied solar power for space missions for NASA, and installed ground-based concentrating solar systems in North America.
PHOENIX, Storage Networking World Booth #PP25 -- PHOENIX, Storage Networking World Booth #PP25, April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- StoneFly Networks(TM), the innovator of IP-based storage provisioning appliances that enable real-time management and optimization of new and existing storage assets, today announced the latest addition to its family of Storage Concentrators, the new Storage Concentrator i2000 FailOver Cluster.
Invensys Process Systems has been selected by Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) to implement a new mesh network-based Foxboro automation system for beneficiation processes at IOC's Labrador City iron ore concentrator.
It is clear that StoneFly's Storage Concentrator will increase our administrative productivity by allowing us to efficiently manage our storage and will allow us to maintain our current network infrastructure-in short, Storage Concentrators will provide us with a far simpler alternative to traditional SAN solutions.
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