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concentrate at (some place)

1. To have people gather in a particular place or area. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "concentrate" and "at." Concentrate all the guests at the entrance to the venue for now—I don't want them to see the wedding party just yet.
2. To gather in a particular place or area in large numbers. Most of the guests are concentrated at the buffet right now. I had a hard time getting down the hallway because so many students were concentrated at the door to the gym.
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concentrate on (someone or something)

To focus on a particular person or thing. I'm sorry, but I can't concentrate on what you're saying with that music blaring in the background. If you want to get into the college of your choice, you really need to concentrate on your schoolwork.
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concentrate the mind

To cause one to focus, typically on what is important in a particular situation. I didn't think I was capable of diffusing a bomb, but nothing concentrates the mind more than the threat of danger!
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concentrate at some place

to gather thickly at a place. The moths concentrated at the window at night, attracted by the light. All the thirsty children concentrated at the water fountain.
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concentrate someone or something at something

to cause people or things to gather at a place; to cause people or things to convene or converge at a place. You shouldn't concentrate all the guards at one entrance. The general concentrated all the big guns at the entrance to the valley.
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concentrate something on someone or something

to focus something on someone or something; to center on someone or something. Let's try to concentrate our efforts on finishing this job today. She concentrated her attention on Lynn.
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concentrate (up)on someone or something

to focus one's thinking on someone or something; to think intensely about someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Please concentrate upon Jeff. He is the one we should discuss. Try to concentrate on your work more.
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ˌconcentrate the ˈmind

make you think very clearly and seriously about something: Being informed that you are likely to lose your job unless you work harder concentrates the mind wonderfully.
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The mode of attention during meditation may be referred to as mental attitude and is often discussed in terms of the Buddhist distinction between concentrative meditation (samatha [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and insight meditation (vipassana [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), sometimes also involving the Buddhist notion of mindfulness (sati [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Based on the existing status of data scale, organization setting and function dividing, the project adopts the concentrative data management mode, the system database can realize the following request:
Unlike concentrative meditation--in which practitioners focus attention on a single object such as a word (mantra), body part, or external object--in mindfulness meditation participants bring their attention to a wide range of objects (such as breath, body, emotions, or thoughts) as they appear in moment-by-moment awareness.
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Though the party seeks to forward certain modes of thought and community--notably, internationalism and the critique of capital--Marx is at pains to stress that it is not a concentrative articulation, but a dispersive one.
Concentrative transport of amino acids is driven by the energy stored in electrochemical gradients, typically through co-transport with sodium ions (Saier, 2000).
Composition and Concentrative Properties of Human Urine.
[SA.sup.2] 215 at T II 454a9: "the characteristics of a woman have nothing to do with it, only the mind develops concentrative absorption and contemplates with vision the supreme Dharma.
"Provide spaces that allow heads-down, concentrative work while also providing areas that encourage random interactions." Collaboration doesn't make sense for every worker, so be sure to get employee feedback before you make critical decisions.
These two forms of mindfulness attention parallel the two predominant forms of meditational attention: one is receptive mindfulness, a sustained nonselective alertness, a state of observing everything that enters the mind without reacting to it, like a mirror; the other is a concentrative practice leading to absorption, focusing undivided attention on a selected image or idea, also without reacting to it, like a laser (Washburn, 1995).
Schaub (2001) referred to sitting meditation as concentrative meditation and mindfulness as receptive meditation, and suggested a third type, creative meditation.
And why spend hours of toil on the maths books and in concentrative meditation, when you can just get a game to do it foryou.
Define [DELTA]T1/2 as the corresponding temperature zone of dw/dt=1/2[(dw/dt).sub.max], which describes the concentrative degree of volatile material evolved.
The two general types of meditation are concentrative and mindfulness [79].