concentrate at

concentrate at (some place)

1. To have people gather in a particular place or area. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "concentrate" and "at." Concentrate all the guests at the entrance to the venue for now—I don't want them to see the wedding party just yet.
2. To gather in a particular place or area in large numbers. Most of the guests are concentrated at the buffet right now. I had a hard time getting down the hallway because so many students were concentrated at the door to the gym.
See also: concentrate

concentrate someone or something at something

to cause people or things to gather at a place; to cause people or things to convene or converge at a place. You shouldn't concentrate all the guards at one entrance. The general concentrated all the big guns at the entrance to the valley.
See also: concentrate
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The Company plans to process low-carbon concentrate at the debottlenecked Amursk POX facility, but retains the flexibility to direct this material to offtake.
Nine-month testing of pipe made with the new concentrate at pressures exceeding 1250 psi at 73 F for water pipe and 140 F for gas reportedly show that the 45% concentrate performs as well as the standard 35% formulation on the market.
TSX VENTURE:DIB) is pleased to announce a record month in terms of production and sales of concentrate at its pilot-mining program at the Bolivar mine in Chihuahua Mexico.
Two-mil-thick LDPE film samples containing this concentrate at letdown ratios up to 12:1 reportedly have met the requirements of MVSS 302.
A further 3% copper reported to the nickel concentrate at 11% recovery, to bring total copper recovery to 85%.
Several passes through the Centrifugal Jig will be necessary to produce a 90 percent total heavy mineral concentrate at the mine site.
In addition, recent bench-scale lab work has been successful in reducing the lead in the bulk concentrate by gravity methods thereby upgrading the copper content of the bulk concentrate to +25 per cent copper (from 20 per cent) and concomitantly yielding a saleable lead concentrate at 50 per cent lead.