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conceive of (someone or something)

To think of someone or something, often in a particular way. Considering her lack of patience, I have a really hard time conceiving of her as a kindergarten teacher. Leave it to Ben to conceive of a totally ridiculous plan.
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conceive of (someone or something) as (someone or something)

To think of someone or something in a different way than usual. Considering her lack of patience, I have a really hard time conceiving of her as a kindergarten teacher.
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conceive of someone or something

to think of or invent the notion of someone or something. Who on earth ever conceived of doing this? Edison conceived of many very useful things that we now use every day.
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conceive of someone or something as someone or something

to think of someone as being someone else; to think of something as being something else. I can't conceive of you as a pilot. I can conceive of this grassy spot as a very interesting setting for a cottage.
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That's why it's important for both the man and woman to have a complete infertility workup as soon as they feel they're having trouble conceiving," advised Dr Robertson.
For couples who have conceived a first child with ease, it may be very emotionally distressing having difficulty conceiving the second or subsequent baby.
A few babies from women aged 40 doesn't mean the chances of those over 40 conceiving are any higher.
Then women below 30 had only a 23 per cent chance of conceiving with these treatments.
It found that poor oral health is as bad for fertility as obesity - delaying the chances of conceiving by about two months.
"Until now, there have been no published studies that investigate whether gum disease can affect a woman's chance of conceiving, so this is the first report to suggest that gum disease might be one of several factors that could be modified to improve the chances of a pregnancy," said Roger Hart, who is Professor of Reproductive Medicine at the University of Western Australia (Perth, Australia) and Medical Director of Fertility Specialists of Western Australia.
Nearly hall had a normal weight before conceiving, and 82% did not smoke in late pregnancy.
The odds of conceiving in up to six months of trying decrease by two per cent for ever year a man is older than 24, according to the study.
A Danish study showed those who have just five drinks a week halve their chances of conceiving.
Women in Brighton fall pregnant the fastest - with many conceiving in the first month of trying, but they have fewer pregnancies than other top ten towns.
Although it's always beneficial to exercise in moderation, working out intensively could actually have a detrimental effect on a woman's chances of conceiving.
During interviews in 2002, when they were aged 15-22, six women reported having had multiple partners; two said they had had a sexually transmitted disease before conceiving. While five reported always discussing HIV with partners, only two said they used condoms consistently.
Most women have around a 20 per cent chance of conceiving in any one ovulation cycle.
He said: "If patients pay attention to the timing of their cycle their chances of conceiving the sex they'd like can be as high as two in three."