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conceive of (someone or something)

To think of someone or something, often in a particular way. Considering her lack of patience, I have a really hard time conceiving of her as a kindergarten teacher. Leave it to Ben to conceive of a totally ridiculous plan.
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conceive of (someone or something) as (someone or something)

To think of someone or something in a different way than usual. Considering her lack of patience, I have a really hard time conceiving of her as a kindergarten teacher.
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conceive of someone or something

to think of or invent the notion of someone or something. Who on earth ever conceived of doing this? Edison conceived of many very useful things that we now use every day.
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conceive of someone or something as someone or something

to think of someone as being someone else; to think of something as being something else. I can't conceive of you as a pilot. I can conceive of this grassy spot as a very interesting setting for a cottage.
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Although in shorter term there is an immediate saving in milk but prolonged lactation and calving interval the financial returns are reduced in late conceivers.
The other severe limitation of the research view was, of course, that business people are the conceivers of the bulk of the innovations of a capitalist economy.
The director is helping to drive Dirty Protest forward having been approached by its conceivers, emerging writer Tim Price and arts journalist Claire Hill, and she believes the concept is a necessary one.
Ironically this works in ways to deskill teachers, as they are not the conceivers of plans over their work, that is, they do not determine curricular goals or establish content.
It would be interesting to reflect one day on the extent to which the conceivers of the Barcelona process took inspiration from another, brilliantly successful European venture, the Helsinki Accords.
Instead, problems are interpretations and/or constructions by its perceivers and/or conceivers where cultural backgrounds of each observer are considered to determine the understanding of a problematic situation.
The book delves into the philosophy of the conceivers of the project, the nature of users, the potential of the network of which Malmo is a key part, the changing information environment and the quest for `high technological efficiency and humanist values' (p49).
But the conceivers of the board are convinced that the resulting standards will be perceived as possessing more objectivity and integrity because of the board's makeup.
Or, they will owe their own existence to conceivers who are not objects.
Now it does mean that the conceivers of democratic structures, the intellectual leadership, will be more dominant in the initial period.
Realists about science hold distinctive views about scientific theories, theoretical entities, and scientific knowledge: theories in at least mature sciences are typically and for the most part true; the theoretical terms those theories contain typically refer to entities that exist independent of us as observers and conceivers, even if those entities are unobservable; and scientific knowledge is to a large extent cumulative over time because the above views of theories and entities hold.
Ultimately, people cause every accident - either as conceivers, designers, builders, testers, operators or managers.
The speeches of the accuser are those of the modern conceivers of civil wisdom.
We are the descendants of the original conceivers of our common identity.