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conceive of (someone or something)

To think of someone or something, often in a particular way. Considering her lack of patience, I have a really hard time conceiving of her as a kindergarten teacher. Leave it to Ben to conceive of a totally ridiculous plan.
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conceive of (someone or something) as (someone or something)

To think of someone or something in a different way than usual. Considering her lack of patience, I have a really hard time conceiving of her as a kindergarten teacher.
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conceive of someone or something

to think of or invent the notion of someone or something. Who on earth ever conceived of doing this? Edison conceived of many very useful things that we now use every day.
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conceive of someone or something as someone or something

to think of someone as being someone else; to think of something as being something else. I can't conceive of you as a pilot. I can conceive of this grassy spot as a very interesting setting for a cottage.
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"Conceive Plus already has a terrific online following with a strong history of sales since premarket clearance by the FDA in 2013.
Dr Sofia Gameiro, a senior lecturer, said: "There is no reliable research that shows there is a correlation between fertility and stress and around 80% of women trying to conceive will get pregnant.
City doctors share that many women go to see them, on their own, when they can't conceive. Some come with their in-laws or parents.
Previous studies of pregnancy spacing have focused on when women should become pregnant after experiencing a loss, but few have addressed the question of when couples should start trying to conceive.
What to expect: Physically, though, this is the best time to conceive a child.
" The sedentary lifestyle doesn't leave the body fit enough to conceive," adds Dr Badhwar.
Established in 2004, Conceive Gynecology & Fertility Centre was the first centre to offer in-vitro fertilization treatments in Sharjah and is currently one of the most well-known centres in the UAE.
Results of the multivariate analysis indicate that the more certain a woman was that she would like to have a baby and the greater value she placed on being a mother, the more likely she was to be trying to conceive rather than to be okay with either conceiving or not (odds ratio, 1.8 for each).
"It now appears that all women should be encouraged to see their dentist to have any gum disease treated before trying to conceive. It is easily treated, usually involving no more than four dental visits," he added.
They also question whether the technique's $2,000 price tag makes it a practical way to conceive a baby -- especially since it can only be administered to embryos conceived through the already costly IVF process.
Experts found that moderate amounts of alcohol dramatically reduced women's ability to conceive. But the fertility of men in the survey was not affected by their drinking.
A new study suggests that the gas, known more formally as nitrous oxide, may impair a woman's ability to conceive -- troubling a finding for thousands of female dental assistants, hygienists, and dentists in the United States alone.
The study, carried out by parenting website, found that they take an average of just three months to conceive, compared to the UK average of six months.
Although the study was not able to fully explain why children conceived by IVF performed better than their peers, Van Voorhis speculated that parents of children conceive by IVF might be older and have higher levels of education than average.
On average, fertile women in the study who drank more than two cups of coffee a day took about the same time to conceive as did those who drank less than one cup a month.