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(as) conceited as a barber's cat

Very narcissistic or vain. Don't invite Joe to lunch unless you want to hear him brag about all the important things he's doing in his new job. He's just as conceited as a barber's cat lately.
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*conceited as a barber's cat

Rur. very conceited; vain. (*Also: as ~.) Ever since he won that award, he's been as conceited as a barber's cat.
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For Moore, humility is a type of self-forgetfulness that refuses to insist on selfhood outside of a signifying matrix; exclusive focus on self, whether through conceitedness or excessive self-doubt, is hubristic.
According to evolutionary theory, it is in particular the male juvenile who displays conceitedness and risk-taking behavior.
We never underestimate our opponents and we don't show any arrogance or conceitedness.''
Petrova reflects that when Posy says such things it is not conceitedness, though Petrova cannot work out the logic here.
Francis Chancy and the church are different images of Canada and its cult of white male Empiricism, double standards and conceitedness in the setting of moral standards.
We hope to nourish this ripening historical sensibility by telling the city's story in a spirited way--a relatively easy task given that it's intrinsically dazzling, a claim we think transcends both the fond boasting of all historians for their subject and the legendary conceitedness of New Yorkers (we notorious braggarts).
"There is a certain conceitedness about the whole idea of making first contact," he says.