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(as) conceited as a barber's cat

Very narcissistic or vain. Don't invite Joe to lunch unless you want to hear him brag about all the important things he's doing in his new job. He's just as conceited as a barber's cat lately. No one in the neighborhood cares for the Smiths. They're always as conceited as a barber's cat whenever they're socializing with us. Stella's always been conceited as a barber's cat, so I'm not surprised she's freaking out because her hair doesn't look perfect for the event.
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*conceited as a barber's cat

Rur. very conceited; vain. (*Also: as ~.) Ever since he won that award, he's been as conceited as a barber's cat.
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In Chapter 7 of The Fatal Conceit, titled "Our Poisoned Language," Hayek brings to our attention the fact that our usual language is often biased toward primitive ways of looking at the world, toward small-group morals.
At the end of the seventeenth century, a preference for natural, minimally transformed food pushed the conceits out of fashion, and recipe books emphasized the rational order of culinary knowledge rather than its wit and pleasure.
Those pointing to "arrogance" included "arrogant", "immodest", "egotistical", and "conceited".
Lukas, vice president of policy at the Independent Women's Forum, presents plenty of standard-and correct--answers to the various conceits of women studies' departments in the opening chapters of her book.
In chapter 4 of Rethinking Social Realism, Morgan deftly addresses this conceit by reiterating the influence and relevance of the Harlem Renaissance, even during the decades of Social Realism.
For Tokar, BT/GE encapsulates the intellectual conceit and political economic tyranny of a technology gone way off-track.
In my estimation this is due to one principal factor: it is that indiscretions are committed from conceit. Taking him generally, Man is a conceited creature, while Woman is a vain creature.
It was far too easy to recall a similar moment in Mark Morris' Hard Nut, not to mention the central conceit of David Parsons' The Envelope.
Josie Billington's title takes the form of a conceit. In the first place she is arguing that Gaskell's realism is 'faithful' to the everyday flow of life, and she quotes Ruskin on 'finish' in a work of art: 'Finish means nothing but consummate and accumulated truth [...] the filling of space and the multiplication of life and thought' (p.
And nowhere have I seen a clearer example of what I view as "anthropocentric conceit" than in this book.
Actually, in the end Arnold acknowledges that his whole elaborate argument is a conceit. "The story is not about fishing, however; in that sense, the details do not matter.
Another Reformation conceit we may want to put away is that things are getting better.
Rodgers wrote, "It seems to me that the elaborate vestments worn today by many of the clergy show their personal conceit and their desire to outdo one another in regard to their elaborate appearance.
Third, by relying on such a simplistic conceit to explain the architecture of this house we dismiss much of its complexity and richness.
Chris Evans was accused of 'overbearing arrogance and conceit' yesterday by the company he is suing for pounds 8.6 million.