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concede to (someone or something)

To yield to someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "concede" and "to." He's so stubborn that I doubt he'll ever concede to what I want. The candidate called to concede to his opponent after the final vote was announced.
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concede something to someone or something

to yield something to someone or a group; to grant something to someone or something. At midnight, Ronald conceded the election to his opponent.
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concede to someone or something

to yield to someone or a group; to give in to someone or a group. In the end we conceded to the demands of the petition. I will not concede to you.
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Paddy Power - first Labour minister to concede defeat: 13-8 P Mandelson, 4 Lord Adonis, 5 A Johnson, 6 T Jowell, 8 H Harman, 10 D Miliband, 12 E Balls, A Burnham, 14 E Miliband, 16 J Straw, A Darling.
Gordon Brown is 11-8 to concede defeat late tomorrow
"We do know if we continue dropping points we'll put ourselves out of contention, but I would never concede now.
12 MINS: Australia concede a penalty five metres inside their own half.
``But it is going to be very difficult to go through the tournament and concede just one try,as Australia did in 1999.
``But we go into every game trying very hard not to concede any points,and certainly not to concede a try.''
This is not disengaged scholarship, and Bartov's essays are informed throughout by his conviction that "if historians, as intellectuals, concede their moral neutrality, then they will finally concede their intellectual, political, and moral irrelevance"; he has only harsh words for "proponents of relativism and indeterminacy" who lack "a commitment to truth and morality." (p.
This is exacerbated in situations where both the taxpayer and the IRS concede issues during the course of the examination.
Similarly, Sorauf concedes that the dominance of special-interest money is at least seen as a problem by the public.
David Seaman specials - Sportingodds: 2 concedes goal from outside the penalty area, 4 concedes goal through his legs, 6 concedes a penalty, 20 to be sent off, 50 concedes goal direct from a corner.