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concede to (someone or something)

To yield to someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "concede" and "to." He's so stubborn that I doubt he'll ever concede to what I want. The candidate called to concede to his opponent after the final vote was announced.
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concede something to someone or something

to yield something to someone or a group; to grant something to someone or something. At midnight, Ronald conceded the election to his opponent.
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concede to someone or something

to yield to someone or a group; to give in to someone or a group. In the end we conceded to the demands of the petition. I will not concede to you.
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The delta smelt, like the possession of a gun or an act of domestic violence, is concededly not economic in nature.
Concededly, the key issue in Shelley and Barrows was the Court's conclusion that judicial enforcement of the covenant constituted state action--not, at least technically, a rejection of property owners' claims that they had the right to contract to dispose of their property as they wished.
Concededly, a decline in the number of appellate decisions is an imperfect measure of the volume of litigation.
54) Accordingly, the Court held that the "informant's testimony, concededly elicited in violation of the Sixth Amendment, was admissible to challenge Ventris's inconsistent testimony at trial" and reversed the judgment of the Kansas Supreme Court.
It is sexy, simple, and concededly well-designed blather, but blather nevertheless.
Concededly, China's cultural patrimony is in jeopardy of pillage.
judiciary than the concededly more complete and sophisticated proposals
The measures taken by the authorities in recent months have concededly helped to hold down interest rates on interest-bearing securities with the shortest maturities, but borrowing costs are still substantially above normal for commercial credit and bank loans with longer maturities.
Although Israel is by any measure immensely stronger, destruction of the other side is concededly impossible for either.
The first involves questions concerning the military establishment's treatment of persons who are concededly subject to military authority--what may be termed the vertical reach of the Bill of Rights within the military.
A police officer concededly illegally stopped a car in which Bruce Brendlin was a passenger, because the officer believed--mistakenly--that the car's temporary operating permit was invalid.
68) Concededly, a strong counterargument exists that a functioning court system requires finality to allow courts to adjudicate the entirety of their caseloads.
Bishop cautions, "Although the data from preliminary research and, concededly, the remarkable anecdotal reports from people who have used Idebenol suggests that the compound is highly effective, many more clinical trials must be conducted before a concensus regarding this novel skin cream emerges in the established medical community .
Concededly, the Bill of Rights does not contain a constitutional amendment specifically to protect one's right to produce one's own food.
Concededly, if serious violations of the laws of war multiply they will destroy the legitimacy of the war.