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conceal (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To hide someone or something from someone or something. If you conceal him from the authorities, you might end up getting arrested yourself. We need to conceal this from mom and dad so that we don't get in trouble.
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conceal someone or something from someone or something

to hide someone or something from someone or something. Are you trying to conceal something from me? I cannot conceal Roger from the police. Wecould notconceal the present from mom.
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Raven Concealment provides innovative, proven products carried daily by the prepared: civilian, soldier, and law enforcement.
The note said that non-disclosure of unspent salary income, which had been accumulating for a period of time, was treated as concealment of asset in the Panama Papers case, whereas in the present case, the ownership of London flat was disclosed by Imran Khan in his nomination form filed in 2002 general elections.
For full and effective concealment, you need "chameleon" clothing with diverse colors and patterns that match diverse settings.
2010), and they use burrows and sagebrush as concealment cover to reduce predation risk (Green and Flinders 1980, Camp et al.
Concealment and Deception will tell the story of the camouflage establishment based in Royal Leamington Spa, during World War II.
Gwent Police Detective Chief Inspector Nicky Brain said: "We are undertaking an investigation at an address in Pen-Y-Bryn, Caerphilly, after reports of historic sex offences and a concealment of birth at the address.
The Push Draw Concealment Holster is designed for deep cover concealment of small autos.
Revealing this, Minister of State for Finance Jayant Sinha on Sunday said the failure to unveil assets abroad will invite a rigorous jail term of up to seven years, while concealment of income and tax evasion would result in 10-year imprisonment.
Newly-adopted amendments to the Penal Code are now enforcing harsh measures targeting concealment of social insurance contributions.
The Concealment of the State discusses what it conceives to be the dominant ideological position of the contemporary developed states: their concealment.
This concealment is enacted by a "deep state" which has widened the umbrella of secrecy from such traditional areas as defense and intelligence to cover much broader concerns, including budget recommendations, environmental regulations, consumer and workplace safety, scientific investment, transportation planning, and education policies, leaving representatives of the "shallow state" limited to what remains (e.
The first hay concealment was made after the zoo guide had repeatedly backed visitors away when the chimpanzee made throwing attempts.
ISSUE: A patient who was injured by a fire started during a surgical procedure filed claims for both medical malpractice and fraudulent concealment.
I understand that retention devices are a necessity on duty rigs, but I've never seen a reason to have one on a concealment holster.