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On the other side of this hedge, concealed from the eyes of anyone approaching from the direction of the house, there was a stone seat.
The true facts, which were known by each of the defendants during the Class Period but were concealed from the investing public, were as follows: (a) In an attempt to decrease development expenses and speed the product to market, defendants concealed the deficient nature of the manufacturing process for Medisorb polylactide-glycolide polymer used to manufacture Risperdal Consta, resulting in quality management issues and delays in the development program.
The true facts, which were known to the defendants but concealed from the shareholders were as follows: (a) That the Company's first half financial results for FY 2000 were grossly overstated, as they overstated the Company's receivables and income associated with the Company's sales of GT24B and GT26B turbines.
Key advances include: concentrating watermark signal strength in image areas where it is best concealed from human vision; selectively disabling of the recording capability of a DVD player; and making digital watermarks more robust so they can withstand various forms of corruption.
This patent shows how a digital watermark can be heavily encoded, yet remain visually imperceptible, by concentrating the watermark signal strength in image regions where it is best concealed from human vision.