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conceal (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To hide someone or something from someone or something. If you conceal him from the authorities, you might end up getting arrested yourself. We need to conceal this from mom and dad so that we don't get in trouble.
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conceal someone or something from someone or something

to hide someone or something from someone or something. Are you trying to conceal something from me? I cannot conceal Roger from the police. Wecould notconceal the present from mom.
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The success of the Fitz Specials encouraged Colt to think about this style of concealable handgun, and in 1927 they introduced the Detective Special in .38 Special, and a legend was born.
Army general John Thompson, who designed a concealable, lightweight, fully automatic firearm that one individual could operate.
Also new here from Winner International is the Club Hood Lock, an electro-mechanical lock that fits under the hood and can be disengaged by using a concealable button that consumers can hide within the car.
Submachine guns like the Israelimade Uzi are small, concealable weapons that can shoot many bullets at short range.
"You find people who start off with concealed carry, say with a 9mm, soon learn it's not comfortable or it's not really concealable in all dress.
Streamlined, performance driven and concealable are words to describe the Taurus G2C.
The APN Series offers adjustable passive retention in a comfortable and concealable design.
'But if the tattoo is highly concealable, then we can probably review that.
Scripps Safe is proud to partner with Point Blank to offer licensed healthcare professionals the Executive concealable vest, which is ergonomically designed to be exceptionally low profile and light weight while offering varying levels of personal threat protection.
This limits your choices to those handguns that are small, light and highly concealable.
I found my current P-11 to be very reliable, concealable and accurate right out of the box.
The letters expressed concern "that children and adolescents may find dissolvable tobacco products particularly appealing, given the brightly colored packaging, candy-like appearance, and easily concealable size of many of these products."
The MICRO's small profile allows it to fit into a pocket for the ultimate concealable night surveillance device, and its easily interchangeable CCTV objective lens for higher magnification.