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conceal (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To hide someone or something from someone or something. If you conceal him from the authorities, you might end up getting arrested yourself. We need to conceal this from mom and dad so that we don't get in trouble.
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conceal someone or something from someone or something

to hide someone or something from someone or something. Are you trying to conceal something from me? I cannot conceal Roger from the police. Wecould notconceal the present from mom.
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He slipped into the first room that he saw, and concealed himself behind the curtain.
Hooper's conscience tortured him for some great crime too horrible to be entirely concealed, or otherwise than so obscurely intimated.
"Money does not die, Marguerite; it may be concealed, but it can be looked for, bought and found."
Her perfidious friend's voice had assumed the most affectionate tone; she spoke as a woman, but concealed the instincts of a wolf.
The research found most liars could not fully conceal markers of facial recognition, with explicit strategies used more than spontaneous attempts to hide the truth.
Basharat Mahmood Shahzad said that money laundering is a process through which criminal conceal the origin of money earned through illegal means and make it appear as legitimate by performing a number of complex transactions.
The assumption in concealed information detection is that the brain will show signs of recognition when presented with the concealed items while exerting extra effort to conceal signs of such recognition, and so the brain regions that do more work will get more blood.
FAISALABAD -- A man who allegedly shot his young wife dead over a domestic issue on Monday tried to conceal his crime by blaming it on his seven-year-old son.
Whitetail Institute's new CONCEAL is designed to help hunters create some of that thick cover wherever they need it.
It was found that the owner of a private school in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi is maintaining multiple accounts to conceal receipts and income.
AN innocent-looking smoking pipe, pencil and safety razor conceal deadly blades in this treasure trove of James Bond-style gadgets issued to British spies during the Second World War.
So how does the Gum Creek case help conceal and carry a gun?
Minnesota company Ideal Conceal have already taken pre-orders and the gun can be seen on their site with an unfolding handle revealing a trigger and muzzles for the bullets.
"Conceal Carry; Pause: The Pursuit of Trained Readiness with a Goal to Avoid a 3-Second-Long Gun Fight" is the story of Donn Ziebell's interesting expedition to learn about conceal carry, including his training to become a licensed conceal carry citizen.