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computer crash

An instance in which one's computer spontaneously turns off or becomes unresponsive. The computer crash this morning wiped out nearly four hours of work that I hadn't saved. The virus infected the entire network, causing company-wide computer crashes.
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computer glitch

An error, defect, or malfunction within a computer system or program. A computer glitch caused the stock to be sold for $100 per share as opposed to $10, causing a panic in the market. A: "Why does my mouse cursor keep snapping back to the top-right corner of the screen?" B: "Eh, it's probably just a computer glitch. Try turning it off and then on again."
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computer says no

cliché Used to indicate any inflexible and unreasonable rejection or refusal, especially by a government department or customer support agent. The phrase was popularized as the catchphrase of a character on the sketch comedy show Little Britain. The local council's attitude has been "computer says no" to any and all calls for their dated infrastructure to be updated to modern spec. We've been asking the bank to allow us to forgo our loan repayments temporarily, given the extraordinary economic conditions right now, but all we're getting back is this "computer says no" response.
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get out from behind (something)

To stop spending time behind a desk, computer, counter, etc., especially in order to begin interacting with people face to face. In this industry, your most profitable clients will be the ones you develop personal relationships with, so you've got to get out from behind your desk and actually spend time networking with people. The new program aims to bring pharmacists out from behind the counter and connect them with members of the community who need more basic medical care and advice. You need to get out from behind your computer once in a while and talk to some real people, man. All that arguing online is starting to give you some really toxic opinions.
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