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compute (something) at (some amount)

To determine the total to be a particular amount. Unfortunately, I computed the amount you owe at more than $1,000.
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compute something at something

to calculate the total of something to be a certain figure. I compute the total at nearly three thousand dollars. The tax department computed the penalty at an enormous amount.
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The compute grid cannot go down, so the storage grid must provide the highest levels of data protection.
The deployment of IMS networks to deliver IP-based applications, such as instant messaging and location-based services, is driving the need to provide additional compute capability to address increased control plane and session management loads in wireless and wireline networks.
While these storage architectures have served the enterprise computing market well over the years, cluster computing represents a new class of storage system interaction--one requiring high concurrency (thousands of compute nodes) and high aggregate I/O.
Tying the bladed compute system all together is FlexChassis 5U, which allows customers to deploy ATCA in high-volume, space-constrained environments.
Once the transition is made from the traditional hard-wired application silos to the virtualized infrastructure model, compute resources can be reallocated with unparalleled agility and fairness.
Windows Compute Cluster Server combines supercomputing scalability and performance along with ease of use through integration with existing Windows infrastructure and interoperability with existing HPC cluster resources.
We are extremely pleased to be able to offer customers Voltaire's InfiniBand hardware and HPC solutions on Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003," said Patrick Guay, senior vice president, marketing, Voltaire.
The Distributed Computing Toolbox support for third-party schedulers, such as Microsoft's Job Scheduler within Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 and Platform Computing's Platform LSF, lets users better address those challenges by enabling them to integrate MathWorks distributed computing tools into their existing distributed computing environments, saving time, increasing productivity, and reducing overall cost.
SAN DIEGO -- Verari Systems(TM), the premier developer of powerful, platform-independent blade computing systems, today announced the support of Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003.
As client/server technology ushered in the broad acceptance of relational database technology, grid technology is ushering in new data management paradigms to address the specific topology of the physical compute grid.
Nasdaq:SUNW) has selected the TeraScale E-Series family of switch/routers as the foundation for its Sun Grid Compute Utility network architecture.
Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) is working with HP to help provide its customers the extra compute cycles and improved performance needed to run large numbers of reservoir simulations.
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