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(something) does not compute

cliché One cannot comprehend something; something does not make sense. An imitative reference to robots, computers, and artificial intelligences in pop culture and science fiction. It's clear that the concept of prioritizing people's welfare over the economy just does not compute for this government. I've been trying to wrap my head around these instructions, but they just do not compute!
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compute (something) at (some amount)

To determine the total to be a particular amount. Unfortunately, I computed the amount you owe at more than $1,000.
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compute something at something

to calculate the total of something to be a certain figure. I compute the total at nearly three thousand dollars. The tax department computed the penalty at an enormous amount.
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This section, is a brief review on the theoretical fundamentals of the two main important modeling methods in assessing the effects of an FTA such as: Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models used for ex-ante analysis and gravity models used for ex-post analysis.
Our approach works on any Polish Space, and it works for any probability measure (instead of computable probability spaces).
Zhang, "Multiple embedded computable nonlinear dynamic input output model and its balanced growth solutions," Journal of Systemsence & Mathematicalences, vol.
n AP(MC([Q' [absolute value AP([v.sub.2] .sub.n])) of ([E'.sub.n])] ([Q.sub.n]) 4 35 40 5 5 207 256 48 6 1034 1344 310 TABLE 2: The computable quantity k(n), the bound of [v.sub.2] ([Q.sub.n]), and the upper bound of cr([Q.sub.n]) for n = 4,5,6.
Recall that the maximum possible value of K(x), over strings x of length n, is n + K(n) + O(1), and that no computable upper bound to this value is always within an additive constant of it.
According to this criterion, the computable relation set can be sorted, and then the ordered computable relation set which satisfying space-time constraints can be built.
We shall prove that there is no computable encoding preserving divergence or convergence from A[pi] into POA[[pi].sub.ri] and PA[pi].
The main analytical framework used in the text is a computable general equilibrium (CGE), which is calibrated using data organized in a social accounting matrix (SAM).
In the study, researchers commissioned by Oxfam modeled the price impacts of a series of climatic events occurring between now and 2030 using the GLOBE Computable General Equilibrium model.
The DEC said a major macroeconomic policy tool widely used nowadays is the Computable General Equilibrium, or GCE, model.
Using actual economic data, the Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model is an instrument that simulates possible scenarios that can unfold when decision-makers set a policy and its consequences on various sectors.
Huang stressed that OGS touch panels are expected to replace traditional models using two pieces of glass in the coming years, considering that the trend is being driven by Intel and Microsoft, both of who have actively promoted next-generation laptops that feature use of touch panels computable with new chipsets and Windows 8.
Mathematicians had been thinking about computable functions for some time.
Christos Papadimtriou (University of California, Berkeley) will deliver the inaugural lecture on "The Origin of Computable Numbers: A Tale of Two Classics" on Wednesday, July 25.
It basically states that anything feasibly computable by a physical device is also computable by an idealized "universal" computer known as a Turing machine.