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compute (something) at (some amount)

To determine the total to be a particular amount. Unfortunately, I computed the amount you owe at more than $1,000.
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compute something at something

to calculate the total of something to be a certain figure. I compute the total at nearly three thousand dollars. The tax department computed the penalty at an enormous amount.
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Computability theory deals with the ability of a computation model to solve problems.
The elastic constraint method of Ehrgott and Ryan (2003) allows a sort of compromise between completeness and computability.
We have seen that decidability of the language of a shift implies right-computability of the entropy, but not computability of the entropy.
This example shows that computability issues are not just about abstract problems in mathematics.
This article focused on the perception of nondeterminism, an important recurring concept in computer science and mathematics, relevant, for example, to probability theory, distributed computing, formal languages theory, and computability theory.
estimation of decidability and computability of algorithms used in the model
The computability underlines aspects about efficiency and check if there is a algorithm for a certain problem, that is calculable or not.
Reducing abstraction level when learning computability theory concepts.
While I am tempted to dismiss the argument from understanding quickly on the grounds that learnability imposes a constraint of computability on meaning functions that is neither necessary nor sufficient for compositionality, Szabo's more thorough treatment is a necessary remedy for such a widely held view.
Setting aside issues of computability and levels of automation, the research team identified 12 components within RAPTR:
In considering an integrated approach to the problem of plant-wide control system design, we must provide approaches that: i) ensure accuracy of the model and computability of the resulting solutions, ii) provide flexibility of the integrated structure to process and modelling changes, and iii) exploit the structure of the system to reduce the degree of system integration needed to effectively control the process.
Powerful calculation and computability occurs at the server.
Emphasizing the non-equivalence of determinism and computability, Penrose's interpretation permits the physical brain to behave computationally, and it similarly permits association between different states of mind and corresponding differences in physical states within the brain, but it maintains that the mind is something beyond the brain and subject to physical but not mathematical laws.
The class of numbertheoretic functions that are "combinatorial" (in the sense that all their Stirling coefficients are nonnegative) has been less widely studied, but nevertheless has played a key role in certain investigations involving computability.