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compromise (with) (one's) principles

To forsake, ignore, or otherwise go against one's fundamental beliefs or virtues. I never thought he would compromise his principles just to get ahead in business like that. Jane felt really guilty about compromising with her principles when she didn't turn her friends into the police after she saw them stealing.

compromise on (something)

To reach an agreement in which both sides make concessions. Living in this seedy neighborhood is not something I'm willing to compromise on. We couldn't agree on what to have for dinner, so we compromised on tacos tonight and Italian tomorrow.
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compromise on someone or something (with someone)

 and compromise (on someone or something) with someone
to reach agreement with someone on a disputed matter concerning someone or something; to make concessions to someone on some point concerning someone or something. I intend to compromise on this matter with them. Are you going to compromise with me on this issue?
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reach a compromise

to achieve a compromise; to negotiate an agreement. After many hours of discussion, we finally reached a compromise. We were unable to reach a compromise and quit trying.
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I shall refer to strategic compromises if compromising is just a means to attain ulterior goals with a pragmatic approach, irrespective of their being CA or CD.
A moral CD entails the possibility of compromising our principles and values or those of others.
Those circumstances recommend being flexible in difficult situations, because then compromising should be considered a sensible solution, and quite possibly the best one.
Compared to other solutions in the market, ECI's 10G LAN solution is unique in that it transparently maps full rate 10G LAN signals to full OTN line rate, without compromising the Ethernet transmission by not overriding important bytes and without limiting the effective rate.
And compromising the right way could make for good politics.
Compromising with Clinton would be surrender to all they hoped to change.
manufactures an industry standards-based Electronic Design Automation (EDA) toolset that significantly raises the level of abstraction for hardware design while retaining the ability to automatically synthesize high quality RTL, without compromising speed, power or area.
ProDiscover IR will enable attendees to see exactly how the winner succeeded in compromising the system.
Web Applications without Compromising Protection or Performance
With this capability, customers will be able to secure the delivery of their business-critical applications without compromising the protection or performance of those applications.
The G4-100 represents the first off-the-shelf optical dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) component enabling optical system designers to achieve best-in-class optical transport solutions without compromising network flexibility, reliability, and simplicity.
AntiSniff is a whole new breed of network security tool, designed to detect the attack patterns used in compromising a computer network, instead of merely being reactive to already known vulnerabilities.
The first product of that family, the SX 100 VLSI Logic Test System, reduces the cost of test without compromising performance, flexibility or reliability.