comprised of

comprised of (something)

Made up of (something); consisting of (something). Your grade is comprised of several factors, such as homework, projects, and test scores. This paint is actually comprised of several natural ingredients.
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comprised of someone or something

made up of someone or something. (The use of of after comprise is regarded as bad grammar by some.) The committee was comprised of representatives from all areas. The dessert was comprised of a number of different delicious substances.
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has patented a lip and skin tissue balm composition that is comprised of a first low-melt wax; a second low-melt wax that is different from the first low-melt wax; a high-melt wax; one or more oil phases; and optionally, a flavoring agent.
Key statement: This invention relates to a rubber composition comprised of at least one diene-based elastomer and rubber reinforcement comprised of fibrillated aramid fiber micropulp and reinforcing filler comprised of pre-hydrophobated precipitated silica.
Bench number 1 of apex court would comprise of three judges headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, Justice Tariq Masood and Justice Faisal Arab while bench 2 would be headed by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa and comprised of Justice Dost Mohammad Khan and Justice Mazhar Alam Miankhel.
10:00 Free Decision Bloc comprised of Deputies Michel Pharaon, Serge Ter Sarkissian, Nadim Gemayel, and Jean Oghassapian.
This disposable diaper, primarily used for incontinence, is comprised of two hip band sections, the second of which features a first closure provided with a side which is oriented away from the body during use and a side which is oriented toward the body during use, and at least the first hip band section comprises a second closure means.
* $2,400,000 for a five-story mixed-use building comprised of 8,900 s/f, located on East 132nd Street in Manhattan.
The whole comprises the parts; I've known that since high school--and also that it should not be used in the passive voice, as in The United States is comprised of 50 states.
The treatment composition is comprised of monoethanolamine; at least one carboxylic acid chosen from maleic acid and salts thereof; at least one solvent chosen from water, cosmetically-acceptable organic solvents, and combinations thereof.
The phased rubber composition is comprised of the product of blending a first rubber phase comprised of cis 1,4-polybutadiene rubber and reinforcing filler comprised of rubber reinforcing carbon black and a second rubber phase comprised of natural cis 1,4-polyisoprene rubber and reinforcing filler comprised of precipitated silica.
Ben Wen has been granted a patent for a a bio-based coating comprised of polymerized oil made from oil comprised of triglycerides with unsaturated fatty acid chains, wherein the oil is free of petroleum; and, a catalyst mixed with the oil before it is polymerized, the catalyst is comprised of a thermochromic material comprised of one or more properties that: reduces the temperature for polymerization of the oil to create a suspension that forms a hardened mixture when cooled below approximately 100[degrees] C and switches the hardened mixture from transparent to reflective of infrared light when the temperature rises above a switching temperature in an approximate range of 18[degrees]-35[degrees]C.
13:45 Development and Liberation Bloc comprised of Deputies Nabih Berri, Anwar Khalil, Ayoub Hmayed, Abdullatif Zein, Abdul Majid Saleh, Ali Bazzi, Ali Hassan Khalil, Ali Khreiss, Ali Osseiran, Ghazi Zeayter, Michel Moussa, Hani Qobeissi, and Yassine Jaber.
The first layer is substantially comprised of nonwoven fabric and the second layer comprises surface-coated superabsorbent polymer particles in a concentration of at least about 70% by weight of the second layer.
* $1.99 million loan for a development site comprised of 540,000 usable square feet, as well as approximately 1.44 million square feet of land underwater, located on the Gowanus canal.
10,004,676 B2; Health and Natural Beauty USA Corp., New Brunswick, NJ, has patented a toothpaste that is comprised of black seed oil, zinc oxide, zinc citrate, an abrasive material and a humectant.
Key statement: A tire comprising a reinforcing structure of the carcass type and comprising under the tread strip a crown rein forcing structure comprised of at least one layer of reinforcing elements.