comprised of

comprised of (something)

Made up of (something); consisting of (something). Your grade is comprised of several factors, such as homework, projects, and test scores. This paint is actually comprised of several natural ingredients.
See also: comprise, of

comprised of someone or something

made up of someone or something. (The use of of after comprise is regarded as bad grammar by some.) The committee was comprised of representatives from all areas. The dessert was comprised of a number of different delicious substances.
See also: comprise, of
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The composition is comprised of a first phase comprising a lamellar lathering cleansing phase comprising a surfactant, water and a lamellar structurant selected from the group consisting of fatty acids, fatty esters, trihydroxystearin, fatty alcohols and mixtures thereof; and at least one additional phase comprising a non-lathering structured aqueous phase comprising 70% or more of water and a water structurant comprising a polymeric water structurant and an associative water structurant.
10:00 Free Decision Bloc comprised of Deputies Michel Pharaon, Serge Ter Sarkissian, Nadim Gemayel, and Jean Oghassapian.
The first layer is substantially comprised of nonwoven fabric and the second layer comprises surface-coated superabsorbent polymer particles in a concentration of at least about 70% by weight of the second layer.
23 million for a 10-story office building comprised of 110,900 s/ f, located in New York City.
Tire with silica-reinforced tread comprised of trans 1,4-polybutadiene, solution; SBR polyisoprene and defined amounts of carbon black and amorphous silica
The whole comprises the parts; I've known that since high school--and also that it should not be used in the passive voice, as in The United States is comprised of 50 states.
The global industry is comprised of Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.
US Patent 8,921,295 B2; American Sterilizer Company, Mentor, OH, has patented a concentrated neutral detergent composition that is comprised of one or more nonionic surfactants, comprising a primary or a secondary alcohol ethoxylate, an alcohol alkoxylate other than said ethoxylate, an aromatic ethoxylate, a modified ethoxylate, or a block polymer of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide, or any combination thereof; one or more hydrotropes comprising an amine oxide, or a glucoside, or both; one or more chelants; a buffer comprising one or more alcohol amines, or one or more organic acids, or any combination thereof; one or more corrosion inhibitors comprising an amine, amidazole, diazole, triazole, carboxylic acid, or any combination thereof; and water.
The process is comprised of applying the coating to the substrate and broadcasting solid decorative or protective materials onto the liquid surface of the coating before it completely cures or dries, and then subsequently allowing the coating to cure or dry, the improvement which is comprised of utilizing as the coating a multi-component curable composition that is reactive upon admixing of the components and wherein the composition is comprised of: A: a first component which is comprised of a first amine functional adduct which is comprised of the reaction product of a stoichiometric excess of a diamine and a compound having an epoxide group and an alpha, beta unsaturated carbonyl group; B: a second component which is comprised of at least one compound having an average of more than 2.
13:45 Development and Liberation Bloc comprised of Deputies Nabih Berri, Anwar Khalil, Ayoub Hmayed, Abdullatif Zein, Abdul Majid Saleh, Ali Bazzi, Ali Hassan Khalil, Ali Khreiss, Ali Osseiran, Ghazi Zeayter, Michel Moussa, Hani Qobeissi, and Yassine Jaber.
The composition is comprised of la component A comprised in the range of 0.
It is comprised of at least one cleansing phase stripe comprising a surfactant an electrolyte comprising an anion selected from the group consisting of phosphate, chloride, sulfate, citrate and mixtures thereof, a cation selected from the group consisting of sodium, ammonium, potassium, magnesium and mixtures thereof, water and a density modifier comprising a low density microsphere; and at least one benefit phase stripe comprising a hydrophobic skin benefit agent.
In Downtown White Plains, ESG will direct the leasing and management of 7-11 South Broadway, a four-story office building comprised of 70,000 square feet of space.
Omnitech Environmental has been awarded a patent for a vehicle system comprised of by weight relative to the vehicle system, 4%-45% of a first component, the first component comprised of at least one material selected from the group consisting of an acrylic resin solution, a latex dispersion, a urethane solution, a microcrystalline wax solution, and a vegetable oil; 50%-90% of a second component, the second component comprised of at least one material selected from the group consisting of a fumaric resin solution and an acrylic resin emulsion; and 0.