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compress (something) into (something)

1. To mold something into a particular shape. We compressed the cookie dough into little balls and then put it on a baking sheet.
2. To push on something so that it fits into a receptacle. Even sitting on my suitcase didn't help to compress the clothes into it.
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compress something into something

1. to squeeze or press something into something, such as a mold or container. We compressed the tomatoes into the jar. I cannot compress any more clothing into the suitcase.
2. to form something into a shape by applying pressure. He compressed the mass of paper into a tight ball. The clay was compressed into the shape of a brick upon the application of pressure to the mold.
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where [P.sub.s] and [P.sub.d] are the ground gas pressure and gas pressure in the shaft, MPa; [V.sub.s] and [V.sub.d] are the ground volume and volume in the shaft, g/[cm.sup.3]; [Z.sub.s] and [Z.sub.d] are the compressibility factor of the ground and in the shaft; [T.sub.s] and [T.sub.d] are the temperature of the ground and in the shaft, [degrees]C.
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In order to study the effect of rock compressibility four rock compressibility values are defined in different scenarios and the other parameters such as reservoir conditions rock and fluidpropertiesarethesame.Theselectedrock compressibility values are given in table 2.
In general, all ILs are very incompressible media compared to the classical mineral oils--the compressibility of ILs is much lower than that of standard hydraulic mineral oil and even lower than that of water--5 x [10.sup.-10] [Pa.sup.-1] [8].
Nowadays, molecular compressibility was used to predict the speed of sound in some research [12-14]; a negative temperature correction coefficient is used to modify the influence of temperature on molecular compressibility; it is an effective solution to decrease prediction deviation when the numerical accuracy of molecular compressibility was required.
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They explain the physical phenomena encountered in compressible flow, practical situations in which compressibility effects are likely to be important, and assumptions conventional used in analyzing compressible flows.
It was found that compressibility characteristics, i.e., compression index 'Cc', coefficient of compressibility 'av', coefficient of volume compressibility 'mv', decrease 12% to 30% as the %age of sand increases from 5% to 25%.
Polymeric films for thermal dye transfer printing need improved compressibility, thermal insulation, gloss, and whiteness, without more filler.
The advantages of this type of knitted fabric are: open surfaces, flexibility due to the adaptability of the stitches, a definable matrix and last but not least, extreme compressibility.