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compress (something) into (something)

1. To mold something into a particular shape. We compressed the cookie dough into little balls and then put it on a baking sheet.
2. To push on something so that it fits into a receptacle. Even sitting on my suitcase didn't help to compress the clothes into it.
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compress something into something

1. to squeeze or press something into something, such as a mold or container. We compressed the tomatoes into the jar. I cannot compress any more clothing into the suitcase.
2. to form something into a shape by applying pressure. He compressed the mass of paper into a tight ball. The clay was compressed into the shape of a brick upon the application of pressure to the mold.
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The Filtration & Drying of compressed air guide (216-1) will be available to download from the BCAS website shortly.
Unlike compressed air that is used for breathing or medical purposes, NO standards or laws exist that define a minimum acceptable level of cleanliness (quality) when the compressed air is used for food manufacture.
As oil-free compressors use large quantities of atmospheric air and atmospheric air contains oil vapor which can cool and condense in the compressed air systems, the use of oil-free compressors does not guarantee oil-free air.
Because the random measurement matrix is frequently utilized, the energy of the compressed signal and the energy of the compressed noise are the random variables.
By improving compressor efficiency and recovering heat energy for heating administration rooms, the green salad and herb producer has saved more than 18,000 [euro] per year since it introduced the Boge compressed air and nitrogen formula.
The compressed-air map can be used to quantify the cost of compressed air for each application, the possibilities for re-engineering the process, and the potential costs of the re-engineered process.
If somehow a metadata record could not be created or there was a problem with a compressed image, that information was entered in an Excel spreadsheet for a substitute record.
When one compresses an elastomer to a given strain at room temperature, the initial load will depend on the rate at which it is compressed, after which the load will decrease over time to an equilibrium elastic load.
Compressed air was not being consumed and the horsepower was reduced from 125 to 60 HP.
The evaluation also found a large air leak and some inefficient uses of compressed air.
A compressed video learning environment is a setting where students have continual interaction with the educator, both audibly and visually, and each classroom is linked by a television output operated through telephone lines.
The VXA-2 drive can record up to 160 GB (compressed)(a) to a single cartridge at a data transfer rate of up to 12 MB/sec (compressed)(a)--which is 4x the capacity and 2x the speed of DDS-4, and 2x the capacity and 2x the speed of DDS-5.
Initially, I tested basic performance using the contents of a single IDE drive, about 12GB in size with a mix of file types ranging from applications and operating system files to compressed audio and video files.
This smaller reconfigured file, commonly expressed with a ZIP extension, also contains instructions for recreating the compressed data once it has been transferred to the desired computer.
Using a 2,000-joule laser, they uniformly compressed deuteriumtritium fuel capsules to more than 100 times the fuel's liquid density, which is 10 times better than their previous directdrive laser fusion work.