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compound (something) with (something else)

To add something to something else; to combine things. That protein powder tastes so bad that I have to compound it with something else.
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compound something with something

to unite some substance with another; to mix something with something else. Can this unpleasant medicine be compounded with something to make it palatable?
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Because halogenated compounds break down extremely slowly, they persist in soil and water and accumulate in animal flesh.
"These companies all need new leads in novel compounds that may have some medicinal properties."
The number of assay wet experiments, which are vital to the finding of active compounds, carried out during screening was reduced by anywhere from 88% - 97% compared to conventional methods (note 3).
Because musks are fat-soluble, they suspected synthethic musk compounds of having this effect.
Peplin will continue research with Professor Ferrante's team at WCH, together with Peplin's international collaborators in Australia, Europe and the USA to identify the most promising lead compounds for commercial drug development.
In order to meet the goal of vein reduction or elimination, the selected vein reduction compounds must produce a high quality casting with sufficient economics for profitability.
This company offers a wide selection of standard fluoroelastomer compounds for use in many different applications.
Compounders, mixers, and mixing systems for the preparation of plasticized PVC dry blends and rigid PVC compounds, color concentrates, surface coatings, thermoplastic resins, and acrylic and epoxy powder coatings.
Soaps, detergents, and the clingy versions of the new compounds are categorized as surfactants.
The compounds used in this study were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich (Milwaukee, WI) and include chrysin (purity > 97%), phloretin (> 95%), kaempferol (> 95%), galangin (95%), naringenin (95%), genistein (98%), quercetin (99%), myricetin (95%), cantharidin (98%), luteolin (> 90%), baicalein (98%), daidzein (> 95%), emodin (> 90%), apigenin (> 90%), and diosmin (95%).
Determining the Presence of Organic Compounds in Foundry Waste Leachates
Part of the challenge is the accurate measurement of temperature-dependent properties of rubber compounds for the analysis.
Biodegradable, Photodegradable Resins and Compounds
The researchers screened nearly 2,000 compounds from a library of small organic molecules, identifying 85 that had a high affinity for the hot spot.
Although neural crest-derived melanocytes were markedly altered in embryos treated with estrogenic toxicants, expression of the early neural crest maker Xslug, a factor that regulates both the induction and subsequent migration of neural crest cells, was not affected, suggesting that the disruption induced by these compounds with respect to melanocyte development may occur at later stages of their differentiation.