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compound (something) with (something else)

To add something to something else; to combine things. That protein powder tastes so bad that I have to compound it with something else.
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compound something with something

to unite some substance with another; to mix something with something else. Can this unpleasant medicine be compounded with something to make it palatable?
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Shahzaib said that he works at the hospital as a technician and holds a compounders licence.
Kingfa, which is headquartered in China, has grown to become one of the world's largest compounders and opened its first plants in the USA and Germany in 2016.
The compounder has been absconding since the incident.
If compounders do not register as an outsourcing facility, and are not eligible under 503A, they must follow all of the requirements under the FD&C that are applicable to conventional manufacturers. The graph highlights Europe's top 10 technical compounders by volume in 2009 Rest of the market 68% Top 10 Companies 17% Top 11-50 Companies 14% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Compounded drugs are made in bulk now, too, and some hospitals contract with compounders to save the cost of mixing their own compounds.
Products of the compounder could replace wooden ones, saving the lives of forests and everything in them.
Transportation, melting, pressure build-up and mixing are simultaneous unit operations taking place in the barrel of small-scale compounders. Liquids can be added via an optional feeding port.
Because of a long service relationship with molders in the automotive industry, a leading custom compounder was able to predict the growing market demand for the replacement of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) with fried PP compounds in the production of automotive trim and interior parts.
An existing 70-mm, 9-barrel Coperion Super Compounder was upgraded and lengthened by two barrel sections.
The days of the custom compounder's being just a material "mix-master" are over.
Steer has also introduced the Omnicron 12-mm twin-screw corotating compounder for lab and other applications.
The RHC biopolymer compounder is available in six sizes from 25 to 120 mm diam.
* Infinity Compounding, Logan Township, N.J., a two-year-old compounder of engineering thermoplastics, recently installed its third compounding line.