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compound (something) with (something else)

To add something to something else; to combine things. That protein powder tastes so bad that I have to compound it with something else.
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compound something with something

to unite some substance with another; to mix something with something else. Can this unpleasant medicine be compounded with something to make it palatable?
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Exclusive Canadian distributor of calcium carbonate-filled LDPE, LLDPE, and HDPE film resins compounded by Bayshore Industrial, sub, of ICO, Inc.
The treated crumb was discharged from the vessel, allowed to cool and stored for three to four days before being mixed and compounded with virgin elastomer.
APT engineers say the reactor grades are better than their compounded equivalents in several ways--improved flow, fewer visible knit lines, lower stress, better impact strength, and sometimes lower processing temperatures (sometimes not).
The base elastomers compounded were EPDM and EPM; these model formulations were denoted as WCEPDM and WCEPR respectively.
SFR-100 has thus re-emerged as a halogen-free additive for polyolefins that not only improves flame retardancy but, when properly compounded, provides other benefits:
y viscometer-Mooney relaxation measurements on raw and compounded rubber stocks," H.
A series of E-P polymers having a range of 5-ethylidene-2-norbornene (ENB) concentration were compounded with 29 volume percent carbon black and a low sulfur cure systems.
Dynamic properties: Elastomers compounded with medium thermal black exhibit good dynamic properties.
As the polymeric treated particulate is a completely compounded product, it can be molded "as-is.
These latexes were compounded into the resorcinol-formaldehyde-latex (RFL) adhesive in table 1.