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compound (something) with (something else)

To add something to something else; to combine things. That protein powder tastes so bad that I have to compound it with something else.
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compound something with something

to unite some substance with another; to mix something with something else. Can this unpleasant medicine be compounded with something to make it palatable?
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Resistance to making honor killing non compoundable is not an issue of ideology but of politics pursued by those who exploit religion for political ends, the Spokesperson quoted Zardari as saying.
Section 337H is a bail able and compoundable offence.
Veteran lawyer Majeed Memon said that making road accident cases compoundable would help the victims.
None of these offences is made compoundable. The legislative policy is clear that such grave offences should not be made compoundable".
Summary: New Delhi, July 25 (ANI): A bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha that seeks to amend the Companies Act of 2013 to ensure better compliance levels and to re-categorise some of the compoundable offences as civil defaults.
However, additional prosecutor general Rahat Ahsan submitted that the offence under Section 201 of the PPC was not compoundable.
ISLAMABAD -- The Capital Development Authority issued notices to owners of farmhouses including 'bigwigs' for regularisation of their compoundable excess covered area while notices were also served to the owners of those farmhouses, where the excess covered areas is liable to be demolished.
After some time, the complainant and the defendant in connivance would withdraw the case as intentional murder was compoundable, according to Pakistani Law.
At present, as the offence is non- compoundable, men and their relatives framed in large number of cases by their wives or her family members simply for extracting money, face harassment at the trial court.
India, March 25 -- The Law Commission is planning to make dowry law bailable and compoundable. What is dowry law?
In Europe, the company is also devoting some effort to compoundable resins for shoe markets.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 17 (ANI): The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved a bill to amend the Companies Act, 2013 to ensure better compliance levels and re-categorise some of the compoundable offences as civil defaults.
It added that arrest in such offence may be made without warrant and it will be non bailable and non compoundable offence.
He said that ADR was empowered to settle disputes including civil, criminal (only those criminal disputes which are already compoundable in existing laws), family, administration of partition, specific performance, copyright, consumer, guardian, rent, appeals and others.
Further, the offence will be made non- compoundable and offenders will not be permitted to approach the Settlement Commission.