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composed of (something)

Made up of (something); consisting of (something). This paint is actually composed of several natural ingredients. Your grade is composed of several factors, such as homework, projects, and test scores.
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composed of something

assembled or made out of something. This cloth is composed of a number of different kinds of fibers. The committee is composed of people from every department.
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Rather than composedly observing the landscape, Nick actually composes both the landscape and his place in it.
Batsmen in cricket have been known to hurl cricket bats at the dressing room wall or cupboards after smiling composedly during their walk from the playing centre, following a cheap dismissal.
Its stability and Tarmac-biting ability allows the rear-wheel car to perform quite composedly, even on moorland ribbon tracks in the wilds of Yorkshire.
I shut my book composedly, leaving a finger inside to keep my place.
Clare's death, as he "proceeded composedly with his work, amid the lamentations and sobs and cries of the affrighted servants." (46) Once again, Aiken further dramatizes this tension: as St.
Abe called the agreement ''a result of efforts by both the countries to composedly deal with the issue based on international law...We hope to continue making efforts to build future-oriented friendship through dialogue with South Korea.''
Waugh figures the Englishman untouched by his journey, blind to the inhabitants of the cities he visits, glad to return to Bath where he potters composedly "among the squares and crescents [having come] finally to the end of my journey" (Waugh, Ninety Two Days, quoted in Wallace, 279).
The moon can't stop crying now but, one supposes-- it will eventually, & look down clearly & composedly bravely-- day & /bright/, on all this earthly dew-- Oh now, stop crying-- Change is what hurts worst; change alone can kill.
'And I followed it on and added to the history of early Suffolk,' he adds composedly. Actually, all that guff about their 60s rock-god lifestyle is one myth Wyman wants to put straight.
Now I laugh content for I hear the voice of my little captain, We have not struck, he composedly cries, we have just begun our part of the fighting." (58)
Indeed, he is reluctant to render this historical account, for he adds: It seems almost akin to sacrilege to do the work of verifying the facts of our early history so thoroughly as to necessitate the upsetting of all these many years, proud laudation of those who were first to fell the tree, bow the mighty heads of the forest giants, subdue the stubborn glebe and plant the blossoming orchard; and it is a positive relief to think that as the name of the poor, black runaway-slave pioneer is lost and none of his descendants are likely to put in a claim, we can go on composedly reading our histories as they are written, only, "in the mind," inserting the word "white" before the words pioneer or first settler, wherever they occur.
(48) Hoskuldr, later a Christian priest/lawgiver, composedly chooses to pass over the death of his father at Skarphethinn's hands, "But there is no need to bring that up, for it has all been settled with full compensation." (49) Sometimes, then, blood can be settled without death, through Christianity's new dispensation and the Law.
Huddersfield merely soaked up the pressure, played their way out of trouble composedly and, if they had tried to commit a few more men forward on the break, may well have scored more goals themselves.
Commenting on the implication in political economy that "money is miraculous," he sarcastically proclaims in Past and Present that "the symbol shall be held sacred, defended everywhere with tipstaves, ropes and gibbets; the thing signified shall be composedly cast to the dogs" (194).
On concluding, Brackett" sat quiet and composedly, waiting for the next question." Barnes, "overwhelmed and astonished ...