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composed of (something)

Made up of (something); consisting of (something). This paint is actually composed of several natural ingredients. Your grade is composed of several factors, such as homework, projects, and test scores.
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composed of something

assembled or made out of something. This cloth is composed of a number of different kinds of fibers. The committee is composed of people from every department.
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120 He of course continued to compose Latin poetry once he was back in France.
Abdominal pain was reported in 6.3% of the treated groups in COMPOSE I and 5.2% of the treated group in COMPOSE II versus 1.8% and 2.9%, respectively, in the placebo groups.
Founded in 2010, Compose offers auto-scaling, production-ready databases to help software development teams deploy data services quickly and easily.
All participants advised young composers to interact with educators, teachers, and students in order to compose quality educational music.
COMPOSE, managed by PMW 160's Future Enterprise Networking Division, fulfills the fleet's requirement for a common, standardized client/server operating system.
"Constitute, in the sense of form or make up, may be the best word if neither compose nor comprise seems to fit: Fifty states constitute the United States.
Compose a letter to him or her explaining your feelings.
Paul's in London and Wren's magnificent church speak of the founding of a new Rome, a new eternal city in England's "green and pleasant land." Cities compose our most complex ideologies and desires for eternal life.
When his transition to the concert hall was, in his mind, less than complete, Still elected to compose under the pseudonym Willie M.
In the traditional static page model, a correspondent in each division might compose an item, send it to a centralized editor, who would compose each item into an HTML file, then place the new document on the server, updating the links as necessary.
Necessarily, if atoms [A.sub.1] through [A.sub.n] compose an object that exemplifies intrinsic qualitative properties [Q.sub.1] through [Q.sub.n], then atoms like [A.sub.1] through [A.sub.n] (in all their respective intrinsic qualitative properties), related to one another by all the same restricted atom-to-atom relations as [A.sub.1] through [A.sub.n], compose an object that exemplifies [Q.sub.1] through [Q.sub.n].
People compose not only for others to read but to formulate, organize, and express their own developing thoughts.
During the twenty-two months of war, he managed to compose over twenty musical pieces, and to hold over one hundred concerts in Sarajevo.