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comport (oneself) with (something)

To act in a particular way. You need to comport yourself with class at the gala tonight, so please stay away from the bar.
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comport oneself with some manner

to behave in a certain manner. I hope you are able to comport yourself with better behavior next time. The old man was able to comport himself with dignity.
See also: comport, manner
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The Diana collection has been expanded with two new bowls, complementing the centerpiece bowl and matching comport that were introduced last year.
This reading of Holiday (which Jean Toomer considered a sort of companion text to Cane) comports well with the idea that the "races" are naturally drawn to each other but that "artificial" social constraints and racial oppression cause repression of interracial desire.
GateLinx plans to roll out Internet based kiosks systems, called ComPorts, to retail stores, essentially creating a "virtual" store-within-a-store.
We're just trying to see if what we saw comports with what we discussed and agreed to.
The Resolution comports with the Shark Finning Prohibition Act (Public Law 106-557).
Discussions dealt with issues pertaining to the new administration, including how it comports daily business, its priorities and other inside looks at City Hall.
There are no spreads on rock stars or exhortations to snort vasopressin in the pages of Wired, which comports itself much more seriously--though it has a tendency toward a gushing enthusiasm that sometimes starts to sound silly, as in a sort of "what's hot, what's not" list (e.
Dole believes that the current European Union "first-come, first- served" proposal comports with the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) and will eliminate the already-condemned discrimination against the U.
He's got the whole package: He's good looking, he's smiles a lot, he comports himself well and he's a good golfer.
As of June 14, 2001, the Commission determined further that the proposed amendment comports with existing legislation.
The court stated that applying New York's personal notice requirement causes no interference with the federal notice scheme and comports with fundamental constitutional notions of due process by insuring that persons with property interests receive notice of the date, time and place of the sale of their property.
Luke's breadth of experience in accounting and financial management comports well with our management team and the strategy we have planned for Dauphin," added Christopher Geier, Dauphin's Executive Vice President.
If he comports himself in a proper manner, as he did while serving three years in prison for rape, it's likely he'll fight again.
After preliminary review, Cal Fed said that it believes that the decision is flawed, and that it comports neither with applicable law nor with the extensive evidence and testimony presented at trial.