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comport (oneself) with (something)

To act in a particular way. You need to comport yourself with class at the gala tonight, so please stay away from the bar.
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comport oneself with some manner

to behave in a certain manner. I hope you are able to comport yourself with better behavior next time. The old man was able to comport himself with dignity.
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Personal jurisdiction over nonresident defendants is constitutional only when: (1) the defendant has established minimum contacts with the forum state, and (2) the exercise of jurisdiction comports with traditional notions of fair play and substantial justice.
The court said specifically it was expressing no opinion on whether either form comports with state law, or on the legal correctness of the instructions accompanying the new form.
The troupe, in fact, comports itself with the democratic spirit of a modern dance company, and it's this ensemble mood that gets it through the bad times and provides the solidarity it needs to hang on until the good times roll again.
That same treatment appears on the pedestals of three bowls - a large style and two comports. Giftware items include a decanter with two matching jugs and a candlestick.
Effectively, Grant's logic comports with the idea that race pride is a necessary tool in the battle against American racism, even though it must coexist with an ironic understanding that "race" is a social fiction foisted on the world by white capitalist civilization.
As the draft of the President's Health Care Reform Proposal stated, "Legitimate concerns exist about the need for greater clarity concerning enforcement policy and the ability of some health care providers to be sure that their conduct comports with antitrust rules." Until recently, the enforcement agencies had steadfastly denied that uncertainty was a problem.
He argues that the temporality intrinsic to the ontological difference (the "temporal difference") foreshadows what he calls in Italian the dapprima (I risk translating the word as the "heretofore"), which lies beyond the dichotomy of temporality-eternity and changing-unchanging, and which comports paradoxically the disappearance of the dimension of das Gewesene and of the temporal difference itself.
History will decide how well the decision comports with the values of the Constitution.
Jacoby said the Iraq insurgency had grown "in size and complexity over the past year." That testimony by Goss and Jacoby comports with the evidence from Muslim sources as well as independent media sources, terrorism experts, and security analysts.
The Act in turn comports with the UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property [823 U.N.T.S.
Added Bassel, "We are pleased to be able to move forward on this resort which blends in with its surroundings and comports with the state's desire to save open space in New Jersey's forestlands."
"However, we urge you to do so in a way that comports with constitutional principles."
Although the film depicts the New York of the '80s, this detail humorously comports itself with the aesthetic inclinations of pretty-pretty nouveau Color Field painting in LA today.