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comport (oneself) with (something)

To act in a particular way. You need to comport yourself with class at the gala tonight, so please stay away from the bar.
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comport oneself with some manner

to behave in a certain manner. I hope you are able to comport yourself with better behavior next time. The old man was able to comport himself with dignity.
See also: comport, manner
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Corporations may well be radically different as they are forcibly comported to full and public accountability.
Of Fleiss he says: " She captured my imagination; she comported herself with great dignity and earned $20-million in the sex business by the age of 27.
The district court held that the PLRA limit on attorney fees comported with equal protection.
They comported themselves as well as could be expected without 11 suspended players and with 13 freshmen and sophomores in the starting lineup.
its method of estimating shrinkage produced a "clear reflection" of income), because Wal-Mart "consistently calculated their shrinkage estimates under a methodology that comported with GAAP.
The case was before Judge Holland this last time to ensure that the amount of the award comported with constitutional limitations on punitive damages.
And the 34-year-old left-hander comported himself well.