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comport (oneself) with (something)

To act in a particular way. You need to comport yourself with class at the gala tonight, so please stay away from the bar.
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comport oneself with some manner

to behave in a certain manner. I hope you are able to comport yourself with better behavior next time. The old man was able to comport himself with dignity.
See also: comport, manner
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Com21 recently demonstrated its continued commitment to the company's highly successful ATM-based product portfolio with the launch of its most technologically advanced and lowest cost modem yet in the ComUNITY Access product range, the ComPORT 1080.
The Diana collection has been expanded with two new bowls, complementing the centerpiece bowl and matching comport that were introduced last year.
Limited Tenders are invited for Siemens Make - Hmi Kp 1200 Comport Key Panel 12 Inches.
s Six Guiding Beliefs (as told by his niece) features warm drawings by Sally Wern Comport and a story that focuses not so much on King's life as on the beliefs that guided it.
As President Barack Obama said on October 27, "the United States will not recognize any election held in separatist-held areas that does not comport with Ukrainian law and is not held with the express consent and under the authority of the Ukrainian government," Meehan noted.
The office wants to alter the form to comport with new regulations governing the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program.
It's time for a serious reevaluation of the way we comport ourselves on this small globe, which grows smaller each day.
El Universal reported Friday that its correspondent Cesar Gonzalez-Calero has been notified his reporting credentials will not be renewed, for essentially the same reason Marx must leave -- "focusing reporting in a way that does not comport with the Cuban government.
But those referenda didn't comport with the hard-line approach.
The modern-looking vertebrae at Dmanisi, remarks David Frayer of the University of Kansas in Lawrence, comport with earlier fossil-skull studies indicating that early Homo possessed a speech-ready vocal tract.
May the Senate comport itself as it should, and may we see peace, harmony and a rapid confirmation process.
Bruchac interweaves suspense with Indian folklore effortlessly, and the spooky b/w illustrations by Sally Wern Comport, which have the quality of a graphic novel, add to the reading experience.
It's not hard to imagine a time 20 or 30 years from now," Paul said, "when government psychiatrists stigmatize children whose religious, social, or political values do not comport with those of the politically correct, secular state.
They comport 3 themes: himself, the deceased, and tomb-robbing, evidently rampant at the time.