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be compos mentis

To be sane or mentally competent. "Compos mentis" is Latin for "of sound mind." I doubt that Travis was compos mentis when he committed that crime.
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non compos (mentis)

Not sane or mentally competent. The phrase is Latin for "not of sound mind." Based on the orders he's been giving lately, many believe him to be non compos. The judge ruled that she had been non compos mentis at the time, and thus could not be held legally liable.
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non compos poopoo

slang Extremely drunk. A faux Latinism probably modeled on the real Latin phrase "non compos mentis," meaning not sane or mentally competent. There's no way I'm letting you drive home when you're this non compos poopoo.
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be ˌcompos ˈmentis

(from Latin, formal or humorous) having full control of your mind: Are you sure she was fully compos mentis when she said that?
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non compos

(ˈnɑn ˈkɑmpos)
1. mod. out of one’s mind; non compos mentis. She is strictly non compos!
2. and non compos poopoo mod. alcohol intoxicated. That gal isn’t just drunk. She’s non compos poopoo.
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non compos poopoo

See also: compo, non, poopoo
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