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In this case, females were getting dressed in their dorm rooms for a big dance on campus, and a male student complimented them as follows:
I think most women are tough enough to be complimented without quivering.
Of those who loved the product, 34 percent were thankful for the pumpkin gelato, 14 percent complimented the bagels, 13 percent waxed poetic about the babka, and an equal number (10 percent each) praised the sandwiches and the sourdough bread.
Custom designed Empire style influenced furnishings are complimented by modern technology with 32" flat screen plasma TV's, cordless phones and WiFi seamlessly incorporated into each room.
Researchers found women preferred to be complimented on their ability to listen and give advice, and juggle career with home life.
Both output devices complimented our core business and are in line with our philosophy of producing the highest quality graphics in the industry," said Joe Thompson, III.
These were complimented by introductions of an addition to the brand's very successful Prairie line-up and units dressed in camouflage livery for the weekend hunter.